⭐️ Endorsements are POINTLESS


The main problem with endorsements is the fact that people get affected by that system outside of competitive. The toxicity is mostly a “problem” in the competitive game mode. I personally never had much problems with toxicity. I just laugh it off and ignore it. But that’s just me.

They should remove it outside of competitive in my opinion. That would help it have a little more meaning to it. But even then, it still would feel kind of pointless.


I mean, that’s a good argument. For you, it feels good. But I’m talking about what does it do for the game? I’ve seen 0 improvement in matches except for the first day the system came out. I thought the intent of the system was to improve match making quality, which it isn’t doing because everybody gets an endorsement almost at the end of every round, toxic or not.


Endorsements are removed upon silence. But you can easily get them back by playing 50 or so matches. All they pretty much do is say if people level 3 or lower might potentially be toxic. Also considering you can report someone for saying anything negative means the people who are toxic will just incite you to be toxic to report you into a silence thus removing your Endorsements, So yes, It’s pretty pointless.


See…I agree with the statement…but not the reason :confused:

Endorsements, in my opinion, are totally useless, but it’s precisely because they give a reward to the endorser, rather than the endorsee. Because of this, people just spam endorsements at the end of a match for the XP bonus, without actually thinking of whether or not the person they’re endorsing, really deserves it.

I would rather than the person receiving the endorsement gets the XP bonus instead, that way people will actually have an incentive to play nice.


I quite enjoy getting them, knowing that each person can only endorse up to 3 people its nice to know that people acknowledge you were one of the 3 most effective in that game. It’s even sweeter when you are playing underused heroes :slight_smile: but yes completely pointless, nice ego boost though lol


Toxicity is down by 26%.


Eh, they definitely do encourage (and successfully at that) people to actually fill and switch according to the team’s needs as well as encourage positivity (fake or no) and discourage toxicity. While certainly the system could be improved upon further, in my experience its done quite a bit to improve the atmosphere and the chances of actually getting a decent comp.


They just show playtime, solo play, and generally what category of heroes you play.


The system is a complete failure because players endorse for the wrong reason, namely for the 50 exp.


I mean, it’s not much different then getting your healing card upvoted on the MVP screen. Most people tend to upvote the healers on that screen anyway, at least in my experience. But you do have a point.


Endorsements on a maturity scale is just showing respect to the player or enemy. If it’s coming from an juvenile mindset it’s probably some other sort. If it’s coming from a curiosity mindset then they have 3 paths to take.

  1. Mature.
  2. Juvenile.
  3. Darkness.


It has been mentioned that there maybe future bonus to high levels of endorsements. They aren’t there yet but it’s still pretty new so more things might be added, possibly at gamescom


Test this yourself? Personally I try not to be toxic for any reason.


says nothing all game and doesn’t initiate any teamfights

2 shot caller’s received

the system is meaningless


I got an account warning for being reported, then the next day I got a loot box. Endorsements are worthless


Well a lot of us warned you that more social features would not impact the game as much as players thought they would.

But hey lets keep ignoring the old time gamers wisdom and experiences.


There was a game when I got matched with a whole team of level 3 endorsements players including myself, and the enemy players weren’t. They actually had some higher ranked players than us. We joked that we were all fake nice people. 5 minutes into the game and we were completely owning the enemy team with a full hold a few meters in front of the dorado starting point. They had terrible composition and terrible team work, while all of us worked together and kept making calls. The endorsements do matter. It shows how much of a good team mate you are, even if you are the so called ‘fake nice’.

Forget the lootboxes, and take the endorsement badge as a token of appreciation for being a good teammate. That sentiment will keep you from getting tilted and going toxic at your team when things go rough.


Don’t you get loot boxes equal to your endorsement level every 2 weeks? I get a splash screen with a RoadHog giving me a thumbs up, telling me to keep up the good work or something.


Old time gamer here. I have advocated for a way to commend players for a very long time, and it has reduced toxicity by a quarter. That’s significant, and well worth having such a system.


For that same time it was implimented. Less than a month reports were reduced because of experimentation of the LFG system. So…you should give credit to that social feature not endorsements. Which promoting “false” positivity for the promise of free loot.

Which is failing now because there is not loot and upkeeping an endorsement level high is more difficult and demanding than a normal comp rank.

Also shame on you. You know theres no way to measure toxicity. The only measure that they can follow is the reduction of reports of toxicity.

You should know this…