EMP doesn't hack BOB through Zarya barrier


For players, EMP destroys Zarya barriers and leaves them hacked. This isn’t the case with BOB.



What do you expect a hacked Bob to (not) be able to do? I mean, all he’s doing there is standing and shooting, not something I’d expect a hack to stop. I suspect they may not make him “hackable” because a hack doesn’t disable anything for him.


I expect it to be consistent and do what it already does, stop him from shooting.

The bug in this circumstance is EMP doesn’t hack him through bubble like it does with players, as shown in the video.

Had the bubble not been there, he’d have hunched over and stopped shooting like he does normally.


Oh, hmm. I wonder if hacking him is supposed to stop him from shooting (and thus EMP should do the same), or if the glitch is that hacking stops him from shooting. After all, Zenyatta, Bastion, and Orisa are omnics, and hacks don’t stop them from shooting!


As Bob is treated as a breakable object (Turrets, Supercharger, etc.) hacking them disables them completely.


They changed it? When? I remember that EMP on bubbled zarya didnt touch her shields


It’s working as intended. You’re just upset because ms OP can’t stop him lol


Bob is treated as a player. He can be healed, boosted, he can move payloads.


You realize EMP hacks players through Zarya barrier right? That’s why the video shows Zarya having her ult after EMP.

I know hacked targets are kind of hard to identify, but watch it again. :slight_smile:

I’ve played Sombra since 15s TL and have over 200 hours with her. I’ve always remembered it working as such:

  • EMP destroys barrier, giving Zarya full charge for it
  • EMP hacks players under barrier
  • Barrier saves shield HP (Zarya/Zen/Sym) from being destroyed


This is false. EMP has ALWAYS been blocked by Zarya barriers. It blows the barrier, giving her full charge, but being absorbed by the bubble just like other damage/abilities and protecting whoever is beneath the bubble from its effects just like any other damage/abilities.

Don’t EMP a Zarya bubble, you give her full charge and the heroes who are bubbled are immune.


I have videos from over a year ago that show otherwise, but okay.

Even in the video I just posted, I show you Zarya being hacked who was EMP’d while bubbled…


Zarya Bubbles do not protect anybody from being hacked by EMP. It does protect the bubbled player from losing any shield health. B.O.B not being hacked by an ultimate is a major bug since it completely negates counter play without consistency among other heroes.

If you say this is intended, then explain why EMP would hack bubbled death blossoms, rocket barrage, coalescence, etc when you claim it shouldn’t?