(EDIT: i dont actually think they hate tank players)

I know you have questions about Mercy but please don’t derail the topic. I’m not trying to be mean but at least you can switch to Moira or Ana. It doesn’t really matter which main tank you pick, it’s still frustrating to play them at times.


imo there are many topics who do discuss problems in a good way… they are just being ignored.


The development team adds in a ridiculous amount of Crowd Control and Knockback abilities, against heroes who are supposed to be able to stand their ground and tank damage. Especially main tanks.
As a tank main myself, being juggled around by the enemy is not anywhere near my definition of being a “tank” or my definition of “fun”.

Heroes since initial release of OW:
Ana (sleep dart and anti-heal nade)
Sombra (hack)
Doomfist (everything except his peashooter)
Brigitte (shield bash and Whip Shot)
Wrecking Ball (piledriver and just generally bowling through enemies, including tanks)

You then also proceeded to NERF healing/utility output of practically every support in some way after their initial release, and increase damage output of DPS across the board.

??? Really? You like tanks?
How do I put this nicely… you are apparently severely lacking in self-awareness.

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Yes, you hate Mercy players, not tank ones.


That explains why you do nothing about Reinhardt’s dominance then.


Riiight. So when’s Reaper getting some shotgun changes so that he can actually reliably do his job of shredding those tanks? Or a certain recently dumpstered support ‘hero’. See Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State if you need pointers on how to tackle that one.


Allow me to doubt this statement. As a former Mercy player I find it difficult to believe that someone who loves Mercy and who regularly plays Mercy could come up with the changes you’ve given her and then have the audacity to call it a success. And as for being our allies who are here to make OW better - this is another thing I question. You are not my allies, and you’ve continuously made the game worse since January of 2017. And the community has continuously provided information about what we like and do not like about Mercy, yet this seem to have gone on deaf ears.


Tried that, one thread with the most detailed descriptions of what we want for Mercy now has more than 1,5k likes, but it seems none of it will get any response.

Might as well just post about bikini skins instead.


Do you have something planned for Roadhog?

I see that you don’t play him as much as the others, but he might need a tiny little something to help him keep up with the others… at least, that’s what I think.

EDIT: Oh, my bad! Didn’t see your answer before. I’m eager to see what he’ll get! :slight_smile:


You’re talking about me, right? <3
Tanks need CC, I’m tired of being thrown around like a balloon, stunned by retarded abilities that shouldn’t even go through my barrier.


Blue post, quick; Swarm the developer with unrelated posts about the thread about Mercy.


True, just trying to grasp for straws.

Good discussion about tank guys. Now we have to leave to let people discuss about Mercy since even though they can switch heroes and still have fun as a main healer, tanks come second.


You mean I’m not supposed to charge in by myself and 1v6?

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Me seeing people swarm the tank topic for non tanks


Lol this^^ hahaha made my day.

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Fair enough. I remember brigitte’s +150 armor, and Lucio’s map-sized AoE.
I still think the idea is worth throwing around.

Have you any idea how ridiculous that would actually be?

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Like, I know I participate in a lot of mercy topics but I need a break sometimes you know? Like pls go


I love tank too but gee guys, it’s almost like we never get dev interaction and people are swarming where they see the blizz seal pop up to try and get answers

is it cool? nah
understandable? yes