Echo Speculation

I am just gonna toss my thoughts out on what the abities might be for Echo and what I would like this character to do.

My first speculative point will be:
•Support Hero

This one is a cliche and probably predicted by most people so onto my next point.

Second speculative point will be:
•Shield based abilities

This one is probably also lacking in the originality department, but with Symmetra losing all her shielding abilities directly effecting her teammates health, Echo now has the potential to fill that role that has been stripped from Symm. I personally would love to see a shield based healer.

Third speculative point:
•Wisp Cannon

This point here is a little more creative but I would like to see her primary fire be a sort of volly slow moving heat seeking chromatic spheres that make a wailing sound and seek out targets but can be dodged. On impact they have a chance to cause brief fire damage, frost slowness, or some other third effect.

My final speculative point is:
•Echo Ultimate

Just like her namesake echo will effectively be what its called. The ability to copy herself or teammates as hardlight, being sort of like mirror image from world of warcraft. Just as the echo ability in hearthstone allows you to make a copy of your played card until you run out of mana, echo will allow her to make echos of herself or teammates as a sort of ai clones that surround her for a period of time, all being produced from hardlight. Each moving and jumping with her as if controling multiple heroes at once.

That concludes my random Echo speculation list.

Yes. Because this voiceline needs to be filling speakers all around .

I’m getting the feeling they have a sheieiellllld generataaaarrrrrhhhh.

Oh there will be a shield generator alright. It will literally be echo herself huehuehuehue

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The problem is, some people might once again start to claim that shield support doesn’t belong into support category because they can’t heal, like it was with Symmetra.

you can have shields and healing.
like lucio, who has shields for his ult,
or brig with her armor overheal.

a shield support could give out tiny permanent shields with one ability, and maybe have a passive that allows shield health of teammates to regenerate faster.
just some quick ideas, havent put much thought into it.

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Everyone assumes Echo is a support because she’s female, slim and looks nurturing. I really wish she turns out to be a tank and that we get a badass support some day.

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I really want Echo to be a pure healer (similar to Mercy), maybe it will create 3 categories of healers:

  • Main healers (Ana/Moira) with burst and high healing but resources
  • Off healers (Lucio/Zen) great dmg + soft heals
  • Pure healers (Mercy/Echo) constant healing with great abilities

I also hope next hero will be a tank and I really hope it is Junker Queen (never been hyped by her before) because we really need a new tank.
We really need more tanks in general, main and off, but JQ design seems so damn cool.

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Supports are build that way in OW.
They always have at least, but it can vary a bit :

  • One healing ability : Either shot or more passive.
  • One utility ability : Can be healing, damage, debuff or buff. Basicaly a support ability.
  • One defensive ability : CCs, mobility

It would be possible to have both healing and shields as “utility”.

She look like a medical omnic, but she could also be some kind of protector or police omnic i guess.

So, according to this, she could have something called a particle cannon, speed boost and shield.
However we do know that a lot of these established characters have been changed a lot (Its a very old picture) but I feel it can still be something to go off, if its accurate for a few heroes

Not really sure what a particle cannon would be? Is it like Zaryas gun or Symmys gun?

Hoping for a shield and barrier based support/main tank with low hp but buffs the hp pool of her team.

I’m hoping for a change. There’s no reason design has to limit itself to that.

How is her hitbox going to work tho,do you really want a tank with atleast 400 hp and the size of Mercy?



Barriers or not you can’t have a hero so slim have so much hp,a tank is expected to be on the frontline

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Low HP, high barrier, small hitbox.

Isn’t that gonna get her melted when the barrier breaks or the enemy walks around it?

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I agree on Shield abilities.
Plus i think she will have “light circle” as her weapon.
I really hope in a “Voice” ability: repeat a random ultimate voiceline (Maybe it isn’t completely an ability, but an activating Passive). It could be very fun to make hear your enemies “It’s high noon” and see they run.

Make a barrier strong that can’t be walked around.

The point is: I want Blizz to find creative ways to make heroes and move away from the archetype.

I agree with you,I just don’t think Echo is the hero we’re looking for when it comes to a new tank.

That’s why I want it. Expect the unexpected!