Easy way to reduce Mercy complaints

Let me fix the divide because you feel it’s unfair to point them out individually.

you want the highest mobility in the game
you want the highest sustain healing in the game
you want the ability to shut down dps ults
you want the ability to resurrect a whole team back to life
you want to maintain your ability to individually damage boost people
and the saddest thing of all. you think that’s balanced

in one character

You want the highest mobility in the game
You want the highest damage in the game
You want the ability to insta kill people with you ultimate.
You want the ability to kill entire teams.
You want to maintain the ability to teleport on a short CD.
And the saddest thing of all is that you think it’s balanced.

Arguing like this is pointless. Now, again, either address my points or end this discussion.


So what you’re saying is the way we balance our game is to steadily make everyone stronger, and when someone is weaker, buff them.

never nerfing the original offender, just buffing it’s adversary.

good balancing there, jeff. we know its’ you

How is it a buff? Turning Res from a CD ability to an ultimate is a net decrease in power… Also, forgot to add, you say this:

As if it’s OP but Mercy had all of this before her rework, before invulnerability, and she was underpowered. That’s a omegalul right there.

Edit 2:

Explain the most recent balance changes for the supports. You’re acting as if power creeping is taboo.


It’s an “easy way” when you don’t say the hard part of how you gonna do that.



Instead of invuln just give her damage reduction during rez so she doesn’t sacrifice herself every time.

sounds easy enough, we shall get right on that above every other more important character needing balancing done. ~blizz.

As much as i like your ideas grey, making a character fun worthwhile and balanced is insanely hard, and making a main support that to where she doesnt outshine the other main supports or is still under their tier is way way harder.

I don’t still see it as “easy” since it obviously involves a lot of coding, brainstorming on balancing these out and others, but you got to my point of explaining a way of doing it instead of calling it easy without even trying to think of an actual solution.
On the suggestion, I really like the debuff idea! It’s kind of an Orb of Discord for less attack instead of less defense. On the other hand, I think the ult as described would make her a must pick again. For example, current res have 1,75 cast time with reduced movement during cast and no other skills are usable, so harder than the ult to be used and it’s still landed quite easily. So it should be rather easy to also mass res with her, so almost a guaranteed win in a team fight.

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Probably not. After all, we’re adding nerfs to an ability that was historically underpowered.

Tbh, the only reason why current res needs such restrictions is because it is on a static CD.

Not necessarily. It depends on the situation.

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Yeah, that would need to be tested a lot, from the dev side, then from a more global perspective while live in the game. It’s a fact people are much more aware on ults than they are with normal abilities so there is the possibility it wouldn’t be so easy.
It actually would be an interesting way of testing these super different possibilities having a “special PTR” where you try out very crude versions of big changes (so they will require less programming and definitely be a lot buggy, maybe even without proper animations, but test the public acceptance of those).


I didn’t really start saying anything until the HPS nerf. The moment they touched her base kit, I flipped. This nerf has actually made Mercy very weak when compared to the other supports. :confused:
If they did revert her HPS, I wouldn’t be complaining at all. As long as her basic kit is the same as before (healing, damage amp, guardian angel, and self heal), I have nothing to complain about.

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Oh great, one of those ultraduplicate threads spam that are basically using a different wording to say one of those things:

  • Revert mercy
  • If you dont play X hours on mercy your opinion doesnt matter
  • Mercy is more important than anything else


Another great way was banning players in forum who constantly bash the same topics, creating duplicate threads over and over but well … i guess you cant always have what you want.

But GreyFalcon isn’t saying that… In fact, I think that they actually suggested some nerfs at some point. They’re just suggesting that her current balance should be looked at.


I’m actually mostly saying the opposite of that.

More or less, the devs can ignore the revert posters, and make Mercy fun/worthwhile in a different way.

And as long as the results are there, it’s not going to matter what specific method they use.


My solution?

Play Mercy in total mayhem. She’s so hilariously fun. And no one can complain about her being broken, because everyone is broken there.

Oh you wanted actual solutions? Ummm… buff her pistol. I want to shoot things too.

GreyFalcon hates us though lul.

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I wouldn’t say hate. I just don’t like must-pick heroes, and want as many balanced heroes as possible as soon as possible.

If anything, I want Mercy to be balanced as soon as possible, so we can stop focusing on her and work on other heroes.

I also think it’s a huge waste of potential to put all this time and energy into MultiRez/RemovingRez when the devs aren’t going to do that.

Well, I won’t break the entire thing down, but I’m going to focus on two things that are important to me. Fun, and Worthwhile. I think she’s still fun to play, but perhaps not in Comp. If I had to change her? It would first be her mobility. The current way she’s playing isn’t viable for her mobility. She uses allies to escape a threat. With the healing nerf (oh lord I wrote it…) she’s ineffective at keeping her allies alive and therefore not being able to utilize her kit.

As she is ineffective at keeping her allies alive through tank busters, and considering the count of them now, she’s either lacking in healing, or ways to prevent someone from killing her off while people run back.

My suggestions?

When not in line of sight, Guardian Angel’s leap has infinite range, but stops immediately upon colliding with a wall/object. When in line of sight, current restrictions take place.

This gives her a chance to make some space between a genji and herself. I realize that this makes her harder to kill, but also allows her mobility to not go to complete waste. It creates distance, much like Hanzo’s dash.

With her healing, she needs a passive (or active ability) that activates every 10 seconds that boosts her healing from 50/s to 55/s. It takes 3 seconds of single-target healing to activate. Lasts 5 seconds, or until target is changed.

My logic with this one is that although it’s honestly not that big of a bump in healing, it solidifies her place as a single-target, and consistent healer. It doesn’t alter how she would heal so much as place emphasis on the targets being hit a lot harder. It’s a little crummy if it triggers on a Bastion or Hanzo, but if it were to activate on any tank, it’s 10% more healing that she’s putting into a tank. This doesn’t upset the balance of the game too much as it’s such a small and situational buff while also still allowing said tank to be killed. Zenyatta’s orbs do 46 damage per a hit. Tracer’s pistols do 1.5-6 damage per bullet out of two 20 round magazine (roughly 60-240 damage for a full spray).

Now, I must preface this a little bit. I’ve watched videos and hear people say that Mercy’s ult isn’t very impactful. Thus, of course, the rise of battle mercys where they spend most of their ultimate ability’s duration firing their pistol. Do I like this? Personally, no. Do I respect this choice? Of course. As such…

Her Ultimate needs a real rework. Not just numbers tuning, not just small interactions, but it needs a grand rework.

I propose that her ultimate gets reworked from it’s current iteration (multi-target beam healing) to a more defensive one (it will have offensive capability).

So… what do I have in mind? Here’s one suggestion.

Mercy’s Ultimate no longer requires the use of her Caduceus Staff, within a 20 yard sphere of her is a 20% damage reduction field with a passive 15 hp/s heal (excluding mercy, for which it’s still a baseline 20 hp/s) but the use of the Caduceus staff allows her to heal in the standard way of 50 hp/s (or 55 hp/s with the previously mentioned change to her healing). The healing potential being 70 hp/s for 5 seconds before dropping to 65 hp/s

I say this is fair as it reduces her ultimate’s AoE healing, but improves upon her single target healing. It doesn’t make tanks or dps immortal, but it does make whoever she’s healing a heck of a ton harder to kill and in an era of OW where there’s 1-2 tank busters in a single comp… Yes, it does go against what I’ve perceived OW as being “We need tanks to be dropped instantly.” But it’s a possible opponent against Ana’s Nano which is a 50% damage reduction, 50% damage increase, and instantly heals for 300. If Mercy mains are saying they feel unwanted and that they’re unable to progress past a certain point in Comp, this would change things a bit. You could either bring an Ana, or a Mercy.

Closing opinion.

I think Mercy’s still fun to play, but I primarily play QP and Mystery Heroes. I absolutely loathe getting Mercy in Mystery Heroes, I loathe playing Mercy in QP, I don’t like how my survival rests with allies being nearby when my healing is insufficient at countering my opposing team’s idea to hard-focus my tank’s shield or his HP. Of course my ideas are open to numbers tuning and changes, but I like the ult change the most.

false, unless reverted vast majority of complaints will still be posted each and every day. So considering they will not be reverting her we’re gonna be hearing that a lot.