Earning OWL Tokens

Am i doing something wrong or are we not earning tokens? And yes i have my accounts connected.

I never really had issues earning tokens until now. I had owl on for hours yesterday and i didnt earn any.

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Are you watching on www.overwatchleague.com or on the YouTube video (current match at time of writing)?

I ask because for me, tokens became a lot more reliable once I started viewing the YouTube videos as opposed to watching on the main site.

I mainly watch it on the website

I’d recommend shifting over then - that worked for me a while ago.

Does the green circle keep disappearing ?

Yeah, the green circle will stick around for a minute or so before vanishing into thin air. Something similar can happen on YouTube with the “live” icon greying out, but on the whole Youtube has been more reliable for me.

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Unlike the website, when watching on youtube if there is diamond underneath video and says connected that means you are earning tokens. Few times whenever that red dot turned to grey i still managed to earn tokens. To earn tokens i use Opera browser because it only has OWL cookies and watch matches on youtube because it’s much more reliable then website.


Thank you, ill try youtube for today

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Does watching the encores on youtube count for tokens?

Yes it does. I also watch encores and you can earn tokens and Widow OWL grey skin for watching 5 hours.

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Hey everyone, sorry if any of you having issues with earning Overwatch League tokens. I will try to keep an eye on any trending issues but also remember that on occasion token drops can be delayed at times. I do recommend that anyone having issues across multiple broadcasts check this guide from Blizzard Support.

Yes, any of the premiere encores do work. I will note they are doing things a little differently this week by showing it as a series of scheduled premieres so everyone can catch their favorite teams before the next set of live matches begins. I do recommend keeping an eye on it and making sure that after each premiere broadcast you are tuned in to the next one.


The biggest issue earning tokens is that over the past few days, match streams overlap like crazy and you end up losing out on tokens because you can only view one stream at a time for it to count.

For example, next encore is in 5 minutes. FM & LSF still have one more map to go. That’s an additional ~20 minutes I miss out on due to the overlap. It would be nice if we just had one giant stream…


I don’t always get my tokens when I watch but then days or weeks later a whole bunch will randomly drop while I’m in a game so sometimes it’s just VERY delayed.

Did you watch it on the PlayOverwatch channel or the Overwatch League channel? Only the latter gives tokens as far as I can tell.

Took me an entire day to realize who you are… looking good in blue

I have problems as well i watched the whole night on yt and i got 6 tokens or something like that. It is very strange since everything is connected and it said it under the stream that is connected. I usually dont have any problems with that.

You should let Contenders know they are having issues… if you can. It took 15+ more extra hours to get the Ball skin when it should’ve dropped on the EU/NA first day. Had to wake up for BOTH Korean contenders days.

Ugh. How annoying that this is happening to someone else. I’ve been watching the OWL for hours and hours for the past few weeks and I’m stuck at 95 tokens :confused: Guess I’ll follow people’s suggestions and watch solely on YT

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How is Blizzard treating you?

How did you not know this?