Earn up to 15 OWL Grey/White Epic skins watching Playoffs!

Hey everyone, going to double-post this as a new topic because I don’t want news of this slipping by anyone.

From September 21st to the 25th, when you watch the Live and Encore broadcasts of the Overwatch League Playoffs and Grand Finals, there are up to 15 OWL skins you can earn along with other great rewards including a Grand Finals spray and a bonus 100 OWL tokens. Here are the details!


For every three hours watched during the Overwatch League Playoffs on Sept. 21–24, fans will receive a set of three Overwatch League skins, with a maximum of nine different skins available to be earned.

  • 3 hours: Reinhardt, Soldier: 76*, Torbjörn
  • 6 hours: Junkrat*, Roadhog**, Sombra, plus the three skins listed above
  • 9 hours: Doomfist, Hanzo*, McCree*, plus the six skins listed above


For the Overwatch League Grand Finals on Sept. 25, fans can earn the following by tuning in:

  • 30 minutes: unique Grand Finals spray
  • 1 hour: Orisa, Pharah, and Symmetra Overwatch League skins, plus the spray
  • 2 hours: Genji*, Moira*, and Reaper Overwatch League skins, 100 League Tokens, the three skins listed above, and the spray

*Skins marked with an asterisk have appeared in the Twitch drop promotions during the 2018 season.
** Some players may already have Roadhog (which is believed to be rewarded on their birthday month).

How to earn

You must link your YouTube account to your BattleNet account in order to earn skins when watching Overwatch League on the official YouTube channel. Console players must also link their BattleNet account to any console platforms in order to earn those skins on those platforms. If you need additional help, be sure to check out my guide here:


talk about speeding up the process!..we were looking at something like 8 years at the rate they were doing (not even counting new heroes)


Already have the 2018 ones and Hog so I just need 8 more. But will get the hours in no doubt.

If anyone’s wondering, after this, these will be the only unreleased OWL skins:

Wrecking Ball


Oh wow.

OWL trying to save themselves from flopping…


Absolutely fascinating. Let me just hop on this and get those sweet sweet cosmetic items


I think they doing this, cauz it’s the last season with OW1 and they literatly dropping almost every OW1 - OWL grey skins. I can imagine we are getting new grey skins in OW2 with the new default hero looks.


So you have to watch it on YouTube or can you watch it on Twitch?

Good to know.

It literally says you need to have YT account linked.

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Yeah they haven’t been Twitch partnered for like…I dunno, two years now?

Which sucks because Twitch is more reliable, I’ve found.

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Thanks, I am aware HANA, I am just confirming as there are some events that have to be earned via watching Twitch and some with Youtube…

I agree, I haven’t really been engaged on the Overwatch League spectrum as before I remember it was on Twitch, which like you said it was a little bit more reliable, but thank you for the information. I did not know that they move completely onto yotube. Always thought it was here and there.

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Not anymore. The last time it was even more tedious because you had to redeem the rewards before you can earn the next one.

I mean tedious, maybe, but it at least guarantees that the reward has dropped/is claimed.

Like if you had to claim each OWL skin individually through Twitch’s system, you’d at least know how close you were to the next one, and know that you had earned that skin.

Current system? You can watch 15 hours and get nothing for inexplicable reasons. There’s no sense of progression or what streams actually qualify because they’re so vague.

I’ll take the secure tedium.

So is it possible to get all the Grey and White OWL skins that have been released so far? :star_struck:
I already own Mercy, DVa and Zenyatta :grin:
Unfortunately I missed Ana in May. :cry:

This sounds pretty rad buttt, I remember the hoops I had to jump through just to receive the OWL Grey & White skins for Tracer during last years finals so this sounds like a recipe for disaster. :joy:

The only events that are available to earn via Twitch are Overwatch mini-event challenges such as the Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge that took place this Summer. This is because in those events you are watching content creators play Overwatch, rather than watching Overwatch esports. Both Overwatch Contenders and Overwatch League are under a multiyear partnership with Google.


It works best through the app I have found. Trying on the website or through YouTube caused some issues staying logged in.

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My guess is that either they’re trying to get them all out there and next year they’ll start doing separate OW2 versions of the skins or they plan on rebranding the league colors

I just hope junkrat’s one comes back I missed it😣

I wonder if they’ll ever be released.
With next year switching to OW2, surely the new skin designs will be used in place.