Early Season 7 Patch Notes Seem Underwhelming

It’s not just me, right?

These changes seem largely inconsequential- the only REALLY notable ones are the 1 second nemesis form CD reduction on Ram, the Mei revert, and the Sombra rework but even those doesn’t seem like a HUGE deal on the overall experience.

Or am I overlooking something?

Nah they’re quite minimal for the most part, no Baptiste nerf is concerning.

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Sort of expected some more tank or support adjustments what with all the discussions going on the past season or two, but these are all incredibly tame.

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There was a reason streamers who got early peak at patch notes were telling that everything is bad. They didn’t do anything to balance game, main player problems were ignored aka support problem. They were not nerfed at all, Illari who is sitting with 54% win rate in gm (and has 2-4% better wr than other supports in any rank) will still be a problem. Sadly they don’t understand that main reason Illari is so good is her pylon that takes away any awareness and game sense support player needs to be successful. Look at Ana she needs to know when to heal, when to throw sleep dart and nade, if your other support is being shot behind you, you need to turn and heal, but Illari does not as pylon does everything for her, so she can be shooting, healing herself and overextend and still not get punished.

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Why would bap get a nerf he’s not an issue and in this new season I have a feeling he won’t even be one of the two meta supports

The torb overload nerf is so insanely unnecessary and the brig nerf is so insanely negligible and then the whole sombra rework is a giant L so ya these patch notes aren’t it.

Ball gun buff is nice but he needs more to be viable like buffing his ammo to 100 like everyone has been asking for the past few years

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Not the complaining about a pylon that takes one second to kill :skull:

Have you been living under a rock? He’s incredibly strong right now and contributes heavily to the sustain meta.


After his burst nerf his sustain potential isn’t that good when compared to Illari, LW and mercy. And if people are complaining about his immortality field again that’s just said cause it’s not that hard to just shoot the low health disk and boom they lose their immortality and bap can’t use it again for another 23 seconds

The biggest thing that’s missing is that widow maker will be a tank by 2024

It is very underwhelming. I am guessing there will be a big patch soon™

Absolutely they have been talking about a bunch of changes, so that patch hasn’t happened yet, which is… weird.

See your dr to see if big patch soon™ is right for you. And then get it applied to your games anyway… even if it isn’t

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You know that only 4 tanks in game have dps more than 125, one of them has only that for his 3 first shots, another one needs to use resources to get damage, every one of them are effective at close range.

Can you guess which ones?

And how can you kill a pylon with them when it is placed outside of their effective range and behind cover where only tank can shoot it?

Oof, it seems I underestimated you, you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Let me explain. Bap rarely uses his immortality on tank, maybe in lower elo, but in high GM lobbies players know how to not over extend. Immortality field is defensive ability for bap when he gets dived, he gets low to 50hp, uses immortality, it has 150hp, so you as a low dps tank need to shoot that thing, it takes 2-3 seconds, while you are being shot by bap all this time (he has 127dps/sec), he starts to heal with support passive and then after you destroy immortality field he uses his “shift” ability to get 120hp heal as he uses it while below 50% hp and guess what? He is 200hp. So what do we have here, support with 127dps/sec, with 150+150+200 = 500 effective hp, its more than some tanks. Ofc I know what you will say, so just bait it all out and retreat and engage when his cd’s are still not up. Yeah that will work in low elo, but in high elo those players won’t position themselves for an easy kill and overextend when they don’t have their cd’s.

But lets be honest, you still think bap is not op and never will be. Support player I can assume?

Tbh don’t need huge changes in Ram, at least not yet. Let’s see in S8 with Mauga tank if this will remain.

im confused by this because on one hand you speak like you have a deep knowledge of “meta”

but you seem to be unaware that bap is one of, if not the best, support heroes for ladder play.

a hero being meta doesnt really matter much for some heroes in the support roster. ana, bap and kiriko being example’s of that.

because those heroes are universally good regardless of what is or isnt strong at the time.

its not like tank where 1 tank dominates for an entire season, the support role has choices.

and bap is easily the best solo carry support in the game.

and this is to say nothing of the effect heroes like bap have had on the game. aoe healing + immo + more aoe healing creates sustain meta’s that make nothing die.