Early disconnection issue

i am done. Again i got disconnected in my first game today from the game right on the picking phase for the sixth time this week. Now i got banned from ranked games for season 14.
What am i supposed to do? leave the game? is that what we’re supposed to do when there is a problem in your game ?
either you fix this bug, either you fix the penalties or even allow people being able to reconnect before the game starts to rejoin the game. there are so many solutions or alternatives to not harshly penalize people who are disconnected in early game.

If you’re being repeatedly disconnected, you should stop queuing for competitive modes until you diagnose the connection issue. People on the forums can help with this if you provide some info like a WinMTR, but unfortunately nothing can be done about lost SR or season bans.

If you’re just looking to give feedback on how the system works, please add it in the General forum so the devs will see it.

Thanks for the reply.
but i just found out people experiencing the same case in the forum recently. meaning that the server clearly has a problem to be fixed.
Is there anyway that the devs change the penalization system for early disconnection for the upcoming patch so that people being able to rejoin the game before it starts to be able to play instead of resulting an abandon of the game while it is clearly not intentional?
because banning people and make them losing SR while they absolutely did nothing wrong, i find it abusive

There are no server issues at this time. If you’re referring to the players on Spectrum ISP, that is a separate issue.

You are welcome to add feedback in the General forum (not here).