E-sport "inclusiveness": you can do better :-/

I play contrarian to anyone, and you are aware of it.

You can also suggest any other name for cup, that includes not only biological women, but people simply identifying themselves that way.


Hah, true enough. I can get controversial with people at times, but I do try not to offend.

Honestly I’m just not sure what I’m “allowed” to say about these sorts of topics - I absolutely hate that aspect of these discussions.

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Honestly I’ve just stopped caring. Someone will always find a way to take offence online, and it’s not my job to make any futile attempt to change someone’s mind because they’re likely just as stubborn as I am lmao.

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You’ve stopped caring?

Are you serious? There are people in the world who don’t have anything they COULD care about, and you’re just going to stop caring? How entitled do you have to be? Seriously.

This is a joke pls no hurt

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The tournament itself was a lot of fun to watch and it’s sad that it gets overshadowed by this discussion.

In Starcraft female cups have always been named Ladies cup or any variation of Lady in the title. And anyone that identifies as female could join them.

I won’t lie, my heart stopped for a second :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :joy:

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Doesn’t it…? I thought it had a listed of acceptable categories of human that was allowed to participate.

If you got any links I’d be interested in reading up, also did the study indicate margins of error? Not to mention did the study use a large size of individuals coming from different genetic backgrounds?
It’s important to understand how the study was conducted, especially with lifeforms due to genetic differences

Be careful with such statement, Asians pale in comparison to Europeans on CS:GO, the games popularity in a region plays the biggest role on the success of that region, and the regions geographic location can also play a role, Australia has loads of interest in games like CS:GO or OW but struggle to even get close to top level play because players have to move to other continents for them to better themselves to get to that level. Not to mention greater population of players from a region means a greater chance of a better players coming from that region

No it wouldn’t, a study like this could potentially find useful information that could be used on a military level, Scientists generally only receive backlash when the media poorly reports on their research, unless the research is deliberately malicious or just straight up awful
Plenty of Scientists did research knowing fully well it might receive backlash due to the results, that’s how we learnt the Earth is round and orbits around the Sun

Yes, but not in it’s name. Name is important to avoid too much controversy.

Not in this time. In past some scientists ended up executed for discovering, that Earth orbits around Sun, now it would be end of their career due to discovering sexist facts.

And do you have evidence to suggest that is so?

Look for it yourself, if you want. Research of differences between men and women currently is dangerous area for whoever dares to touch it.

It’s like trying to disprove words of church in medieval times, just without physical execution.

This PR Stunt Cup reeks of overcompensation.

Good point. I kind of had second thoughts to what I had said after realising that it’s mainly the South Koreans who are good at Overwatch and Starcraft 2. So you’re probably right, culture probably probably explains why certain Asian countries are good at certain e-sports. Since you don’t see as many Japanese or Chinese people becoming pro at OW or Sc2.

A lot of the studies tend to be biased towards men. That’s why I was skeptical of people claiming they’ve seen studies claiming that women have slower reaction time than men. Unless it was a meta-analysis, I tend to take most studies with a grain of salt.

Take for example, many of the drug trials were historically only done on males because there was this belief that female hormones would lead to inconsistent results. And they probably also assumed that females would react the same way as males. Until we realised that females react to drugs differently to males and a separate trials is required that also includes females in order to get an accurate analysis of how the drug affects all genders and ages.

Basically, there could be many factors that could be explaining why females are performing worse than males in certain metrics. Until we rule them all out, the jury is out on women actually having slower reaction time than men. Besides, even if the differences are there, if it’s so small, it shouldn’t even matter in the world of e-sports. Not to mention it’s not just reaction time that’s highly involved in competitive e-sports but many other things too, like hand-eye coordination.

Adding to this, when I used to be part of a soccer team in junior high school, one of the best player in our team was actually a female. So if there’s any advantage that a male has over female in competitive sports, that would be their bigger physique and density of muscles in certain areas of the body (assuming both gender has reached full maturity).

But this is e-sports we’re talking about, which doesn’t require nearly as much physical strength. So most adult females should be able to reach the threshold of physical strength that’s required out of their arm and hands. Dexterity shouldn’t be holding back any gender either in my opinion, neither should reaction time. It’s more likely that females in general just aren’t as interested in pursuing e-sports and becoming a pro-gamer and would rather prioritise other more stable careers over it. Stigma that’s attached to female gamers and the e-sports scene being over-saturated with males aren’t helping with the situation either. If females can become a lawyer, a scientist, a president, an entrepreneur, then there only limitation are physical strength.

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Yeah kinda why I was sceptical, and most studies on gender differences that would be applicable to esports, would be actual sporting studies which would heavily focus and/or be bias towards males due to male leagues often being the preferable watch

Honestly, while I don’t know the male/female ratio on video games, I’d bet money that there not being any females in the absolute top level play comes down to basic statistics - being that there’s not enough female interest to expect one at the top level of play

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This user likes to make claims but when it comes time to providing ‘evidence’ they often deflect like they’ve done with you (find it yourself) or just ghost the conversation… :wink:

Still waiting for that reply Cleo…or are you admitting you made a claim without proof to back it up? :wink:

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I do not live in western country, world doesn’t end at US border. Plus you clearly have no idea, that things not always are done by the book.

So I will keep ghosting discussions, where opponents seem to have memory of a goldfish, and forgetting rather nasty events.

As you can see Scylaceus, deflection and hurling insults rather than answer the question… :wink:

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There has been more woman competing in the overwatch league then black men. Not that I’m against women getting their own league or anything, just something I find funny.

I mean, segregation in africa in general is incredibly bad right now in general. There is no was about it. This is why I hate when people throw these loaded terms around and dilute their meaning completely. So many words that meant something and had actual impact no longer have any impact and mean nothing.

No one cares if they get called sexist, racist, misogynist, misandrist, Insertsexualorientationhere-phobic (etc etc) anymore cause the internet has used those words for everything and anything.

You supposed to know it better than me, since I am not US citizen.

But, continue. I love when people want to erase their own history. And thanks for justifying my hatred for seafood.