Dva needs a small buff


Blizzard has never released stats for heroes, where did you find this info?


Fam where are you getting any of your data from?
Can’t call out others if you can’t back your own garbage up


Except they literally do. Here’s only one example


Damn I was hoping for a list, you had me excited!


There’s more in this thread.


In addition to what DarthWinston provided, they have provided top 10 lists before, map stats, rank breakdowns, etc.

For example: And this is really out of date, but just as an example. Here is when they provided the top 10 heroes at every rank.


I think it’s safe to say that the meta has changed since then. Even here though, you still see D.Va very prominent in all ranks.


Oh, it definitely has. I was just saying that Blizzard has given us insights into stats in the past. That was a snapshot from a time when D.Va was truly OP and at the top of every single rank, kinda like Rein is now.


That’s not the point.

The point is that Blizzard has released statistics in the past, and those statistics lined up with what Overbuff was presenting at the time. Thus, they were accurate.

When profiles went private, they retained a sample size in the hundred-thousands and their statistics did not change pretty much at all. Thus, you can deduce that Overbuff is still reliable.


It’s not enough, especially now when it’s difficult to get anything out of them in regards to a forum post or such. Data about most played heroes changes every time a new patch comes out.


Sorry, that post wasn’t directed at you, I didn’t think I replied to you.


The point is, every time they have released something like this. At the time it was released it matched the data on Overbuff. The data was accurate at the time it was originally posted. Of course it is different now.


The data that they provided was accurate, yes, but they’ve never revealed such numbers after the private profiles came into play.


So, America is 330 million people give or take. Most surveys are (if they sample a large group) maybe 1000 people at most. Do you ever question the validity of surveys?

The sample size of non-private profiles on Overbuff is a significantly higher percentage of the overall player base. It’s actually far more accurate than any survey you have ever read. You don’t need a 100% sample size to be accurate.


I’d argue the majority of the playerbase has their profiles hidden, considering that the default is hidden, so there would be a minority of people who keep their profile open, that have done so manually.


So, the number of players that you need to be statistically relevant is very low. There are 40 million profiles and several hundred thousand are not private.

You actually need significantly fewer to be not private than are not private to get a relevant sample size. You don’t need a majority by any means to be statistically accurate.


a sample size of several hundred thousand among 40 million is fine?
Ok, I’ll take your word for it.


Picking dive is a commitment by the team to kill fast and die fast.

Dva is not supposed to be exempt from that.


Yes it is. Surveys are often conducted with a confidence level of 85%. Which is why most surveys work on a sample of around 1000 people.
With the amount of profiles in Overbuff, confidence level is ~99%.
It’s maths.

Die fast ? Who exactly dies fast in Dive out of D.Va ?
Winston has much more ways to mitigate damage. Tracer is small, fast, can self-heal. Genji is small, slippery, fast and has mitigation, Sombra can TP to a health pack and come back quickly.
As for the kill fast, every Dive hero bar Tracer are lowish on the damage.
The only thing that’s fast in Dive is the initiation speed.


what is confidence level?