D.VA Is overbuffed

I don’t know man. I’m not that concerend with it. Ultimately, they’ll do whatever they do regardless, and the consequences will be ours to handle.

Cool, all I’m saying is try not to push misinformation. It stirs a lot more drama then is needed :slightly_smiling_face:

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I mean, it’s not misinformation to me, but sure.

why would I have a problem with a highly mobile killing machine that could theoretically one shot an entire team… as a tank, not even a main tank, but a dps tank. Its NOT FAIR to the other tanks, dps, and especially low mobility supports.

Dva can shield, she can boop, she can one shot, she can fly, she can tank a ridiculous amount of damage. She is 100% overturned.

She’s popular because she’s kawaii awesome cute girl, that’s mobile and has low team responsibility similar to dps.

I’d like to see her moved to the DPS slot along with Hog because it’s clear people that play DVA have no interest in actually tanking with a real tank, only bullying people with her broken dps kit, being actually cancer with her ult, and sucking up super valuble abilities with her temporary infinite damage absorption shield, which is also cancer.

she needed the buffs it made her viable in fights and did damage to double shield meta

I’ve gotta agree, D.va is Sombra levels of oppressive when she’s played right.