D.VA Is overbuffed

Just straight up buffs this patch, dont forget the boosters cooldown that got reduced some patch ago. She’s busted.

The 321 buffs are not going to stick. And while I agree that on paper she is pretty ridiculous, that was not really my experience from testing her.


D.VA gets melted still since she still plays like an Off-tank in 1-3-2.


No, she’s finally in a better spot. D.Va’s been a pinãta for too long. We can stand to get used to her as she is now.


She’s been meta since the game came out. She was offmeta during the shield meta

She’s not getting any changes this patch. Because there’s no patch.

She was one of the worst heroes in the game at release. She has at least as much time in the trash as time in the meta.


Well these are not permanent changes. These changes definitely make d.va insane as a dive tank, but as a main tank(the goal of the change), she’s average at best.

He means the patch on the 21st. Increased armor, less health, longer DM uptime, and decreased slowdown when she fires.

I just hate booster buff. Shes flying around constantly.

Those are exclusive to the Experimental Card and unlikely to go Live without 1-3-2 (which itself is unlikely to go Live at all).
Just play any other mode if you don’t like it, it’s not replacing anything, no one forces you to play it.

Right. I don’t know that it won’t go live though. Apparently the team were considering the shift to 321 for quite a time, and everyone said the same thing when role queue hit ptr.

Same community:
-Nerf D.Va whenever she’s finally remotely fun
-Don’t let Roadhog be viable
-Force every meta back to Reinhardt
-Nerf the crap out of all barrier tanks i hate shooting barriers


-wtf why wont anyone play tank


Where are people getting this information? Do you have a source for that?

There was a blue post by Jeff a couple weeks back, he laid it all out. Said they’d been testing it for a few months and that, while it wasn’t unanimous, they were thinking it’d be a good direction for the game.

Do you mean this giant orange post where he actually says they are not confident about it being good for the game?

Cause I think people are mis-remembering things and skewing what Jeff actually said.

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Dva is a fat DPS just like hog. The other tanks shouldn’t have been nerfed though.

I don’t think so, that might’ve been a follow-up post to settle things down. Lotta people didn’t like it.

Ehh, a lot of them were buffed actually.

The thing about dev posts is they are all tracked at the top of the forum. And I can’t find one with the information your saying.

What is your problem with D.Va man… you just want to nerf her so badly. She is NOT that good, its your choice to run away from the team and get killed by a BRUSIER TANK. D.Va needs more buffs/reverts not nerfs. She was not meta for a whole year. Please get your salty butt out of here, we get it, your main got nerfed. It doesn’t mean you have to come to us and say how she doesn’t need buffs. News flash, she does.