Duplicate Legendary Anniversary boxes

Hi, I was just talking with your customer service about something that happened to me just yesterday. (By the way, I don’t know if my post should be in the bug report topics so if it shouldn’t be, sorry about that)

I went and bought a pack with the Legendary Anniversary loot box but what I got from it was a duplicate.

I asked them if they could do something about it and apparently, they told me that this box should not be giving duplicates (unless you have all in-game legendary skins I guess).

They couldn’t really help me with the issue because they couldn’t get enough information on the loot box system of something (I guess they are no experts on the subject-matter) so they suggested I came here and asked for the Dev’ team directly if something could be done for me.

As you can imagine, I would like for my purchase to be at least “worth it” and to have my Legendary not be one that I don’t already own.

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I also had this issue, I do not own all the legendary skins or even all of the anniversary legendary skins however when i opened a legendary anniversary lootbox (this is my second one after i had bought the 50 lootboxes) i received the tracer graffiti skin which i already own. I have a screenshot of this also

Same thing happened to me, did you get it solved?

Well, I had another talk with the customer service and apparently : nothing can be done.
Duplicates are something that were intended to work within any loot boxes, even golden ones.
So, no exchange no refund, just bad luck. Sorry folks.

You should not receive a duplicate Pirate Junkrat skin unless you already have all of the legendary Anniversary skins.

There is a notable caveat here, though – the contents of unopened loot boxes also count toward our check for duplicates. If a player buys the 50 Anniversary Loot Boxes + 1 Legendary Anniversary Loot Box pack, and they open the Legendary Anniversary Loot Box first, they might get a duplicate right away because the anniversary legendary skins they are missing are actually in their 50 unopened Anniversary Loot Boxes.

In the future, we’re going to change the order in which these boxes are generated, so that we generate Legendary boxes (which are more likely to be opened first) before non-Legendary boxes. This change should greatly reduce the frequency with which this confusion occurs.

Apologies for the confusion and hopefully this clears things up.


Oh. I didn’t know it isn’t supposed to give duplicates.
I got one. I don’t remember what it was though.
And I have all the skins now. (not at the time of the duplicate.)

I remember the free legendary loot box it gave at the beginning, when I opened it, I was incredibly upset. I got 2 legendary skins… neither of them were event skins of any kind. Like… seriously? I get that it isn’t a guarantee, but couldn’t I at least get something from the anniversary event?

So, along the lines, why does it even do that? I’ve always wondered why it doesn’t just do the duplicate check when you open the box, instead of when you get it. Is there a specific reason why the contents of the box are generated when you receive the lootbox, instead of when you open it?

Don’t steal other people threads.

As bad as it is to steal someone else’s thread, writing an essay on duplicates which have been addressed many times over while ignoring game breaking bugs is kind of a Richard move.

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Here’s my issue Jeff if you can respond.

I have a Hero Gallery at 98.30% complete. I’m missing only 16 normal Legendary items in the basic lootboxes. I’m missing only 5 event Legendary Skins. The skins I’m missing are 1 from 2017 Summer and 4 from 2017 Halloween.

This Anniversary Event is supposed to be giving all old skins but it is not giving me the skins that cost 3,000 currency from 2017 that I’ve couldn’t get. When the event started. I had 31,350 currency. I spent 14,000+ currency to get all old stuff. I then purchased a 50 lootbox. I opened it and then farmed the rest. I was missing only 3 skins from the Anniversary which I farmed normally (Orisa/Doomfist/Brigitte). I got those three Anniversary Skins.

However, I was still missing the 5 skins from 2017 and I’m not spending 15,000 currency for them since I know they will become 1,000 each anyway. I farmed and farmed and guess what. I got Solider 76’s skin about 4 different times. I’ll still take it as it is 200 currency back for me.

Still it seems like I cannot get these 5 2017 Legendary skins from Summer and Halloween. They don’t seem to be on the loot table for me or I have bad luck?

I now have 27,410 currency. I started at 31,350 so my farming did pay off. Oh, the 50 lootboxes gave me about 2600 back when I opened them. the rest I farmed naturally just by leveling up 90 times.

i opened my gold anniversary lootbox after i had opened all the 50 lootboxes then bought some old anniversary skins with the credits i received in the lootbox. Im guessing that the legendary loot box comes predetermined which legendary it will give and due to the fact i bought the tracer skin before opening the loot box it still gave me the tracer skin that i didnt have at the time of buying the golden lootbox

I had a similar issue with the Legendary box I received for the event.

When opening the Legendary box, I had nearly all the cosmetic unlocks for the game, including all the base loot box legendaries. I was missing about 13 legendaries total at the time.

I did not have any additional (unopened) loot boxes in my inventory when I opened the Legendary box.

I received a duplicate legendary from the base loot box roll table, 2 commons (not dupes), plus one new legendary from the event.

Legendary boxes likely have an issue.

Hey Jeff could we get a response on sombra?

Yeah, I got the legendary Cruiser D.va skin as a duplicate in my legendary Anniversary Loot Box when I purchased the 50+1. And that is a skin I happened to purchase last year with currency. Maybe I missed something and if I did my mistake, but is there anyway for them to take a look at this without footage? Or am I reaching for what the system is capable of?

It’s so it locks in as the type of lootbox that is currently available.

If it did the check at the time of opening, you could horde lootboxes and open them during different events and get content from that event or update.

That makes no sense. The lootbox is already typed as what it is. It can only open and check for content that belongs in that particular lootbox.

This is how it was explained to me by a dev on the old forums.

I may have misquoted a little but I believe the essence is correct.

Thank you (and the community) for taking the time to personally respond to my query on the matter.

I understand the way the system is supposed to work a little bit more now.

I am glad to know that you’ll be working on something to change the way legendary boxes are generated.

Anyway, my questions were answered and I believe the topic to be (at least on my part) closed.
Thank you all and have a good day.

Jeff Kaplan does the Legendary loot box only apply to legendary skins only for the Anniversary event or Can it be Legendary skins from other events OR Legendary skins (non event) period?