Dual monitor refresh rate issue


My primary monitor (the one set as my main display in Windows 10) is a 1440p 144hz monitor, and I recently have added a 1080p 240hz monitor as a second monitor, which I play Overwatch on. Without getting into the details of how I discovered this, I’ve basically discovered that, when running in borderless windowed mode, the refresh rate of the game (NOT the fps) is limited to the refresh rate of my primary monitor even when I’m running the game on my secondary monitor. I reduced my primary monitor’s refresh rate to 60hz to make it more obvious, and even when I’m getting 300fps it’s obvious that the game is running at a low 60hz refresh rate. However, the issue disappears when I either (1) run the game in fullscreen mode or (2) if I set my 240hz monitor to be my primary monitor. Is this normal behavior, or is there an alternative solution to those two? Thanks.


I have a 180 on primary, and a 30! on my secondary, and unless i run a brower in my secondary, everything is golden.

The moment I start chrome, overwatch tries to sync with the other monitor…

I have NO idea what causes it, but… it may help you on your way.


Yeah, I’ve heard about that problem online. I just tested it and I have the same issue, though luckily my second monitor is running at 144hz so it’s not crazy noticeable.

My issue was that I wanted to be able to access the notification icons on my secondary monitor (to be able quickly switch sound sources, etc.), but I just figured out how to do that without changing which monitor is my primary monitor. Thanks for the input!