Dropped 100+ SR after losing one match

This has never happened to me but right after I placed on a new account, I started a game 10 minutes before the 19th season ended and during the game the season ended which is normal, but what wasn’t normal was that i got a notification after the game saying “you placed 2499 SR this season thank you for participating” to which 2499 which was my season high and my current SR at the time. My teammate looked at my Career Profile and noticed that i dropped 100+ SR after that match… Is this a bug? I have asked around and nobody knows why it would do this… Thanks


same scenario here. freshly placed mid plat, played one competitive game and lost, resulted in a loss of 120 sr. never have i lost over 30 sr after a loss. please helpp

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I can see you both have fairly new accounts.

New accounts don’t have their MMR (Match Making SR) aligned and calculated correctly.

What is MMR? (Short explanation)

MMR also known as Match Making Rating is something that decides how much SR you gain and lose.

MMR get’s aligned by slowly analyzing your win/loss ratio and how your overall gameplay is. The more games played the better the MMR can align.

If your MMR hasn’t been aligned properly it means it hasn’t had enough matches to base it’s calculations on. This can result in ridiculously high numbers. Meaning you can gain/drop from 50 all the way to around 200 SR.

This issue usually doesn’t happen to older accounts that have played more competitive because the MMR system had more matches to base it’s calculations on. Making the system more precise.

If you have a new account this will be fixed by playing more matches. Altough it does seem unfair that you will drop/gain high numbers you will eventually be put in your correct ranking.
This is because if you really are misaligned the MMR system will shift you correctly.
If you’re gold and it thinks you should be in platinum then it will make you lose less SR and gain more SR.

Yes this issue never existed before role queue. But why?
Well since role queue was released the placement matches have been cut from 10 matches to 5 matches. Meaning that the MMR system has less matches to provide an accurate calculation.

Playing more games will usually fix this ^^
Usually 5 more games should do the trick per role.

so the resolution is to keep risking losing 100+ sr per lost until we start to lose less sr?

If you get “misaligned” it’ll adjust to that.

If the MMR system thinks you don’t belong to gold and thinks you should be in play it’ll make you gain more and drop less.

Vice versa for plat to gold.

its been a day and i’ve played well over 10 competitive matches, and still losing crazy amounts of srafter losses while gaining little after wins. is this a joke?

Well in that case then there could be a potential error with the MMR.

I mean new accounts are really unpredictable, so we have no idea why this could be happening.

My guess is there are people that are buying too many alts, filling up the game and confusing the system. This way the system probably doesn’t know what’s accurate anymore.
But that’s just a theory.

Happened to me today, fresh account, place 2139 lose one game and im now at 2008 when leveling up my account in quickplay other players had placed high gold - mid plat.

As said before, it’s normal on new accounts since there is no set MMR yet.

yeah it is blizzards perception of “mmr scaling” and “balancing” and honestly its quite stupid imo. good luck on your games!

If you have a new account you don’t even have any statistics the game can base your MMR on.

I don’t see how it can be stupid as the system works without any issue, it’s just that new accounts literally don’t have any numbers yet which would be normal for any game.

This isn’t a new bug this was a massive issue on console and pc and well documented both by professional youtubers and adressed by the devs as well. It happened to my Console account after I had been playing for over a year where I had played 3 season of comp then in my 4th placed gold then lost 150 sr in a single match. On PC I went from 1800 to 1400 in a matter of 2-3 matches my MMR and SR on both PC and Console sits Silver-Gold so loosing match after match with unabalanced teams IE just now in comp opposite team had a gold and all silvers we had an unplaced player (normally comp ranks Bronze and MMR matches) 1 silver and 2 brone and 2 silver is a joke it shows a bugged MR system that needs to be addressed by the developers as its obviously getting worse with the addition of role Que

Same here. yea yea mmr but when place i got 2395, i lost one single game right after and was at 2309, i lost that much sr. then i went and won the very next game and only went up to 2321. Seriously? I lost around 90 sr and then gained 12, literally 12. edit: o ne more game and lost again -100 sr, this is absurd. like i should probably just take the chance and leave and only lose 50

i just had this same issue but my account is not new by any means,
i have played in many seasons of comp.
i was playing tank at around 2600 SR and lost the game to find i was now around 2400 SR with seemingly no reason
i am a support main but i have many hours in various tanks in the competitive mode.
my issue is obviously not an MMR issue so i have no clue why this has happened to me