Dos kicking me only

I get you guys aren’t at fault. but seriously i just got kicked from good matches 6 times in a row in the last hour. Everyone else I was playing with were doing absolutely fine, they’re not getting kicked at all. Really sucks. Not playing anymore since apparently my connection is going to be the one closed first every time.

i was too lol
ok so basically
blizz’s servers got doxxed
and they have been dying lately

There is a DDoS attack at certain network providers at this time. Please avoid Competitive Play as penalties cannot be reversed.

I believe blizz said the ddos attacks target certain isp’s

This is correct, basically there are network providers and hubs that make up the overall world wide web, a DDoS attack basically sends a bunch of data of a specific IP address or a series of IP addresses to overload that hub with data traffic and overwhelm it to the point where it locks up… here is a dramatic visualization…