Doomfist is literally so anti-fun

He’s got the hitbox of a tank throw literally any stun in the game at him and he’s dead

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He probably should’ve just been a tank similar to wrecking ball or dva, and refined the best defense. I’m not sure how they would’ve balanced a melee dps hero without him being op


Just yesterday I was on Soldier76, I pressed ‘‘Q’’ and I didn’t have the time to begin to shoot that Doomfist killed my character with CC, no big deal I was way to close from him, lesson learned.
As I play support heroes mainly I can tell you that fighting Doomfist while on Brig is fun, Mercy can’t really do much and Ana must have her sleep dart &/or biotic grenade ready to use.

Most of the time when I see Doomfist on an open area, it’s a dead Doomfist, I think that players who enjoy playing this hero must have been through a lot of ‘‘unfun’’ situation


Oh you dont know the half of it…

Some are still a thing

Heres the full list (outdated)

Btw heres one where he makes fun of the people here that call him OP


I think Doomfist is fun to fight

Actually, I don’t know how there are so many people who find CC specifically unfun. Unreal Tournament, Smash Bros, Halo, Streetfighter – I mean, getting smacked around is a staple of gaming, where did all of you come from?! :joy:


The only one that any devs publicly said that… was Brig 1.0

Along with Hanzo 2.0

I like playing into him as Tracer.

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Well hes also countered by half the cast. Including anyone who knows how to play a corner. That goes for ana and zen too

they should just delete doom fist whole design is too flawed and hard to balance

Widow and Mei for sure but why Echo? Her sticky bombs, or ult?

Playing against Doom feels really different depending on which hero i play. On Ana i think hes BS. On Sombra i see high value hack.


You literally just have to shoot him. He is a flying RoadHog…just shoot him.

You do realize that Hammond is a better Doomfist right?

I think Widow is way worse. At least Doomfist has counters outside himself and has to put himself in very dangerous spots to get value.

Widow fights from across the map, is way too mobile for her capabilities and can one shot most of the roster in very short time.


I commonly play heroes that counter Doom so he’s not as much of a problem for me as some other heroes are. He is fun to play as, though, for sure.

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Good, please do :smiley:

I do the same

Id say about 80-90% of my time on sombra is purely to counter Doom/Ball.

But I dont do so with the intent on losing. I honestly dont think sombra is that bad- And if you can use her to consistently deny value from 1-2 heroes on the enemy team, even if “its just sombra”, youre still at an advantage.

My favorite is when theres a hammond, hog, AND doomfist.

The amount of ult youll charge is insane, and not only will you have constant hack target opportunities, youll have EMP for days.


No i just come here to remind you that youre bad at the game


Infinite mobility huge carry potential small hitbox etc

As Orisa I don’t mind him if I have a decent healer. I will halt him or fortify if my halt misses for some reason. Then again I think I am still in bronze on my tank. It’s not hard to see telegraphed Doom pushes at that rank.

When I play Total Mayhem and hear a Doom outside our spawn I die a little inside then pick Junkrat and do my best to keep him trapped/off balance with mines.

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Yeah sure…

Her fast mobility is like less than a sec, after that she is easy target, since her hitbox is actually quite big, incase you didnt knew, her wings count

And her carry potential is mainly tied to you allowing her to get value out of her ult

Well, I would have missed something if I wouldn’t have watched these links, the 3rd link gave me a good laugh.