Don't Nerf Hanzo

That’s not how it is. Most of us agree to tweaking, but not completely nerfing him to the ground. We have Brigitte to think about, so once she gets nerfed, other heroes will actually have a chance at countering her, making high-ground heroes less mandatory.

Sorry but Hanzo does need a small nerf. It’s ridiculous that he gets Dragonstrike often twice a minute, sometimes twice in the same fight. I’m not saying reduce his arrow’s speed necessarily, but storm arrows perhaps needs a slight nerf to make it so the ultimate isn’t so easy to quickly achieve for many who play Hanzo at the moment.

If nothing is done then I fear all we’re going to see mostly in OWL is Hanzo combo with Zarya a lot.

I mean he’s less of a sniper and more of a tank buster now
He can take down half of an orisas health with only body shots

I agree. the character i just fun. why ruin that!

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Because he’s currently not necessarily fun to play against? I remember that argument about Mercy, and now Brigitte I believe. Mercy got her ultimate nerfed into the ground and Brigitte is currently being nerfed. Ironic, but sadly true.

People keep talking about how much damage he does, especially against tanks but thats just his role…
''But he’s a sniper.’’
He’s only a sniper because there’s no other category for him.


Honestly, as a Hanzo Main, I think he does need small nerfs but not to his arrows, these are my suggestions:

  • Reduce Lunge distance when moving forward since lunge should be a tool to create distance, not to close gaps into close range
  • Increase Storm Arrow cooldown to 10

The problem is his new ability is an easier version of Fan the hammer that you can coordinate with teammates to melt tanks.

It’s bad for two reasons, benches Reaper and creates the Mcree problem again. Why pick the more mechanical demanding hero (back then really strong Soldier) when you can high burst easier with Hanzo who has better mobility too?

He shouldn’t be nerfed into the ground but his kit has to be toned down like fan the hammer was or hit with a nerf feather like they did to Soldier

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I will fight you. Lunge is the best ability over any of his new ones. Leave his much needed mobility alone. :no_good_woman:t2:

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haha fight me!

I agree, I love lunge, the mobility is amazing for Hanzo but I really don’t see the point of lunging forward, it throws Hanzo into melee range where his projectiles have no travel time and the required aim to play Hanzo becomes something closer to Tracer than Widowmaker

That’s why I want distance reduced when lunging forward ONLY, sideways and backwards should stay the same

The drawback of Mcree having FtH, even in it’s old days, was recoil. With Storm Arrow, there is no real ineffective range, no recoil and the length of Hanzo’s arrows make the effective hitbox of them pretty enormous.

I dislike any hero needed to oblivion, but the same arguments are thrown any time someones favorite hero gets overtuned. I get it. It’s fun now, and you dont get yelled at for the pick… but seriously, get your heada out of the sand

seems like a would pretty much make him worthless?

You’re not using lunge effectively then. It allows him to escape, or get into places he normally wouldn’t have been able to. That was even mentioned in an interview.

Reducing distance will make that entire ability as useless as just jumping back and forth normally.

but you could still do all of that, just not forward for example if you wanted to jump from one platform to the other and your forward lunge doesn’t cover the distance, then you can do a sideways or backwards lunge that has effectively the same range as it currently does, the only thing you would be taking from Hanzo is his ability to close gaps head on, everything else remains the same

Leave lunge alone. :eyes::hocho:

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hahahaa, hey! if you had to choose lunge forward or arrow speed?!

Lunge. Because I’d already have been used to his previous arrow speed. So it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

And he was already good at crushing tanks so really he hasn’t changed except he’s funner, more viable and less cheesy.

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well we disagree xD but that’s fine, hopefully there are no changes slated for him

Sorry, you are in denial. Hanzo will get nerfed.

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