Dont make Sym to a Mercy 2.0

If you make Sym like the new Mercy Blizzard, i get a rage quit and delete the game.

I mean im only one person, but i can’t see anymore how get my Heroes destroyed by the Devs.

Mercy was altered so much because people said she was too impactful and that the res as an instant-cast ability with 2 during her ultimate being unfair.

Symmetra its getting her alterations and re-work because she’s not that impactful right now in the eyes of many. If anything, she’ll only become better, more viable and more enjoyable to play. So you can’t say she’ll be destroyed.

Uhm, the initial rework of Mercy was to make her more engaging and impactful… because before her brief period of invulnerability while rezzing she was underpowered…

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I can say it. I have 120 h and more with Sym. 30 players Teleported with 6% uptime? Thats sounds like the cheap Rez on E.