Don't get the weekly reward

Briefly and to the point: when playing Jankestein’s terror, victories either do not count, or are counted once
after playing rounds 3 or 4, with a victory, we received only 2 points, instead of the deserved amount
Tried playing quick play, another arcade mode, nothing helps


I can say I have a similar issue too but the developers are fully aware of this issue. The only solution right now to fix this is to reset your game every time you complete a match of any of the Junkenstein modes but if you don’t want to do that then you will just have to play the PvP until this is resolved.

Taking them a mighty fine time to figure out the issue since apparently they have known about it for 10 days ago yet it still persists. I got it several times in a row today. Like, bruh, your event only lasts for 3 weeks so this is pretty immediate issue.

It happens to me too. I’ve played like 6 games in junkenstain mode and none of them count!