Don't forget to claim your Tracer skin!

Right now! Only during the OWL Grand Finals, log into and claim a free Tracer skin.


The skin isn’t actually that bad, either. I normally don’t like OWL skins but this one was fine.


Well that was easy, thanks.



I would have to acknowledge OWL’s existence, I personal can’t wait for it to die.

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Last chance, Florida just won. Get it while it still exists.

I just saw Florida take it but I didn’t know about the skin. Claimed! Thanks for the heads up, OP.

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Is it gone? Because I can’t find it anywhere.

Yes, it was only available during the live broadcast. Sorry…

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Which skin was it?

It was an OWL Tracer skin. It looked like this image.

It looks like they brought it back if you want to try and get it.