Dont forget that

like someone else said here, you pay with your time, and time=money

Okay, but as much as we don’t like where the game has gone since it has moneygated pretty much all the progression content and they downgraded the game format to 5v5 for software performance reasons, it’s not like they did it for the fun of it. It’s just that they have such an incredibly polished IP and an unique gameplay experience to a degree where everything else in comparison looks like cheap mobile games. So when they have such a strong and incredible IP they obviously want to capitalize on it or else it doesn’t make any sense. They just take a look at what others in the field are producing and how they are financially benefitting from it; and it’s pretty much impossible at that position then try to explain to the investors why they wouldn’t benefit on the IP as they should

Granted that removing 6v6 was a massive mistake and not having a playable 6v6 format in the game already is costing them so many customers/players that it in itself should also be inexcusable to not have when they’re losing millions on being obtuse about the format

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You don’t like fighting a character with their own engage/ rescue for ally while having a dashes tied to their auto attacks with an infinite scaling damage ability that relies on said autos?

I remember a time when she was considered complex lol

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If you’re able to play Genji in top500 then what is the problem? You could play Genji in any rank and play amazingly. How is Genji being off meta by your standards a problem if you’re still in the top rank? Clearly him being weak is not holding you back or making you drop in rank. I’m not sure what you even want.

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Which hero?

They did fix this btw.

because it is insufferable to play this hero, a game should be fun, a game should be balanced, no matter what i say im told “if you are losing, skill issue” “if you are winning, then whats the problem?” i cannot WIN with you people

they havent, they reverted the fix because it broke wallclimb AGAIN.

Mcdonalds doesn’t make most of their money from the food they sell. They make their money from fanchising aka real estate.

Roblox is more like mddonalds.

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Well, aside from bugs you never said why Genji sucks. So why is playing him insufferable? I just asked what the problem was because if I reached top500 and then started hating my games I’d probably try to learn a new hero or just stop playing comp. After all you have completed the climb to the top

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It says that they did as of today. It isn’t on the known issues list and is listed as resolved. So, I guess you need to tell the devs because they don’t think so.

3.250 hp on a flanker with no health regen is insufferable when playing against a hitscan, any long range hero, and pockets, you have to hit all headshots with zero misses back to back, you have no choice, that is the only thing you can do.
4.nanoblade is gone
5.blade cannot AJAX, cannot nanoblade trans (i already had alot of trouble doing both of these on 160 ms now i dont even have the option) , cannot outperform stuff like overclock, visor, rally, you are bullied by every ult in the game with a few exceptions.
the amount of outplaying you have to do is on a whole other level compared to the enemy.

because no other hero provides gameplay like genji, its fun, its snappy, its not boring like hitscan.

POV: you main a dive hero

I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I feel the same way with dva (minus long ranged hit scans being a counter cause the opposite is true for her).

So you play Genji because you love his gameplay when it’s at its best. I am the same with dva. I still play dva because she is #1 and I want to climb the ranks with her to prove I’ve gotten better with her.

Now you might say dva is so good rn but if you otp her there are plenty of games where that isn’t the case and im sure the same is true for Genji. It’s the pain of being an otp. One tricking the hardest subcategory of heroes (dive) doesn’t make that any easier.

But you’re free from the chase. If you want to just play for the fun of it then why not play quickplay? Ik quickplay is sweaty these days but it’s still more relaxed than comp. You might have a less frustrating experience.

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i like making sweaty clips, but they arent nearly as impressive in quickplay, especially when you clip a popular streamer like necros it typically garners alot of views.

… So TLDR; you are complaining to complain

There you go everyone we can leave OP to stew now.

you should respect the value of your time more. you can only benefit from this.

Well then I guess it’s up to you to decide whether you like having fun with the game or getting views more. :woman_shrugging:

Doing something that doesn’t cost resources you spend time acquiring isn’t the same as doing something that does cost resources you spend time acquiring. The activity you spend money on has to be worth both the time spent doing it plus the time spent earning the money to do it.

what can i say, all the suffering and pain is worth it at the end sometimes.

im sure the dev team would be different if that idiot aaron keller woudl be fired like its clear hes not learned from mauga or sojourn being massviely overpowered the game is going downhill with him being on the team

Time is more valuable than money and, in this case, Overwatch 2 is a F2P game. You are filling matches for paying customers even if you haven’t spent a cent since buying Overwatch 1 for $40. I think Overwatch is the same as it ever was, and the only difference now is a few monetization changes.