Don’t be upset about 5v5

Don’t be upset the amount of complaining I see on the board about leavers and useless players y’all are technically playing 5v5 already

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Nah the 2 tank synergy is the whole meaning to the game. Without it you might as well play COD.


I’m looking forward to 5v5.

No more 2nd tank to throw the team in disarray :partying_face:
Also no more overpowered tank duos so each tank can be balanced individually :partying_face:


How many games do you play where tanks play together or have good synergy? Devs already did quite a lot of changes discouraging only focusing on tank synergy and more on individual strengths. Tank synergy doesn’t happen for the 93% of the OW population anyways. I like synergies and teamplay, but focusing to it too much has created so many problems as people usually like to play this game as solo or as a duo.

Devs don’t want people to play as a group, that’s why they introduced 2-2-2 and haven’t still done clans/tournaments modes/team queues/SR restriction removals for 6-stacks/only duo in GM etc etc


So tank synergies should never happen in gaming?

Overwatch experimented with them, and I think it was good


So it will be 4 when 5vs5 happens. :smirk:

Yeah you will then have your only tank throw in disarray :rofl:

The funny thing is that it doesn’t really matter if it is a tank synergy or any other synergy.
The effect will be the same with or without 2 tanks per team or any tanks at all.



3v3??? :weary::weary::weary:

  1. Not if I’m tank :smiley:
  2. Can’t really throw your team in disarray when you’re the only tank, they have no choice but to follow you or create space on their own, compare that to now where 2 tanks can go different directions and split the team

Well if you have such big issues with your 2nd tank to a point that you don’t even what any in your match, then the problem is probably not the in the other player :wink:

It’s definitely the other player :laughing:

It’s almost guaranteed that they misposition/use their abilities poorly. It’s a rare occasion where I’m like “dang, I’m glad they’re tanking with me”

I’ve climbed to GM multiple times on tank, so when I’m playing with Plat/Diamond tank players it’s extremely cringey seeing what they do. Luckily I’ve learned to expect it so instead of it being extremely frustrating it’s only slightly frustrating & extremely funny

Problem is that half the time you’re not going to get the one tank that was good, you’re gonna get the bad one.

And now they can really hold your team hostage

I’m looking to this stupid 5 v 5 change, so I will play only Hog and have my vengeance on the dps who never counterpicked here.

ask me a shield! I double dare you to ask me to pick a shield!!

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Hog is being moved to DPS.

This is a joke right lol?


And better Tank MMR, instead of the equivalent of putting a Diamond Tank and a Gold Tank on the same team.

Or said another way, once MMR settles, Tank players will play in a much more narrow range of SRs.

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You can also go play world of tanks with it.

The 2 tank synergy is what ruins most matches. Because that synergy either leads to extreme CC, double shields, or bullet sponges.

And no, not every fps is “Cod”.


Jeff’s 3-2-1 feedback seems memorable.

When one tank picks WB:


Role lock itself killed this game, and what lead it to role lock? Jeff should also remember 2 years of goats… Tank is a bad designed role in this game, which is killing it since launch. There is no reward for actual skill, but there is reward for afk gameplay. So the best number of tanks should be zero, they should completely redesign this role into something else, which they called “brawlers” and that sounds great, cause them being fat dps rn anyway. No forcing anyone to play boredom role and make others to be dependent on that one or two players. Dps should be able to carry without tanks, not just tanks being game defining factor each game…“mtd mtd…” should be gone…