DogWIllHunt - game not starting

oops on the msinfo, here’s a complete one: https ://omnibus .dev/junkdrawer/ow/ (guess i can’t post a url in here? take the spaces out…)

also in that folder is the dxdiag i posted yesterday and a copy of one of the crash reports from the windows error reporting folder (idk if those are of any value to you or not).

Re: the overwatch logs folder, there are no error logs in there (there isn’t even an ‘errors’ folder)

I’m not seeing anything specific here but Overwatch is crashing due to a problem with a ntdll.dll file. Since you’ve already reinstalled the game, this may indicate a conflict with another program or the operating system. Try closing all other programs temporarily and if that doesn’t help, try running a System File Checker.

If you ever had any Razer hardware or software, it’s possible that leftover Razer files could be causing this issue as well. In that case, try installing the Razer 3 software and then go through the steps here.

Thanks for the reply. No luck with file checker and ntdll fixing.

But here’s an interesting thing: the PTR works fine on my machine.

Can you provide an updated MSinfo?

Was there a patch today? Game is running again. :man_shrugging: I guess I just needed a couple of weeks off.

Hey there,

Thanks for following up with us on this. Super glad to hear the game is working for you.

If there’s anything else you might need just let us know! Thanks for playing and enjoy the games!

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