Does Pulsebomb deserve a nerf?


Based on overbuff, the average amount of kills secured by ultimates per hero:

Genji 6.05 kills/game
Moira 5.49 kills/game (for sure not solokills but…)
Pharah 4.77 kills/game
Soldier 4.57 kills/game
Junkrat 4.29 kills/game
Roadhog 3.42 kills/game
McRee 3.19 kills/game
Hanzo 3.10 kills/game
Tracer 3.08 kills/game
Doomfist 2.59 kills/game

Only Zarya has 400hp, on rest its not a full health kill, its finishing them off. What’s wrong on that? I see it more like a direct buff to Brigitte’s rally. Pulsebomb now, can’t kill any hero with full armor stacks.
The ult is totally inconsistent if you don’t stick a tank here and there. Take the top 1 player in eu and watch half his stickies fail. And especially with so much cheese around lately, you need that 400hp to make a opener more than ever.


My tankplaying butt is just slorping on this delicious piping hot tea right now


Guess who has the fastest charging ult in the game? This nerf also doesn’t change anything for targets that aren’t tanks, the class that was the easiest to stick. It’s now less rewarding to go for a slacker’s pulse bomb and more incentivising to actually stick a support or squishie.
It makes Tracer a more skilful character which Tracer mains love to brag about.


Those stats don’t count the tanks she can bomb + one-clip.


The bomb itself wasn’t the problem…
the Bullet dropoff might have been a better target

but a nerfed Tracer is a nerfed Tracer so I’m happy. :3


If you are playing tracer and going in just to stick a tank and leaving without shooting 2 full magazines per gun, then you sir, are wrong.


Well, there’s been a lot of complaints that playing tanks is very unpleasant currently. All of the changes this PTR patch benefit tanks. (No more scatter, slower riptire, less damaging pulse bomb).

To me it looks pretty clear that they want to indirectly buff tanks a little bit, making getting one shotted or almost one shotted rarer.


This and lets face it. Many destructive offensive heroes ultimate can destroy a tank. Her ultimate nerf wasn’t necessary. That’ just Overwatch developers holding back not to hurt their mascot bad. They only nerf her because Heroes of the Storm did it first and whatever justifying they want to do in their defense is denied by me. Overall give a better nerf that will shape the roster.


Isn’t Tracer’s ult like one of the easiest to build? Is this nerf really that bad? I mean…can still take out my Support/DPS rear end…


It does change, any hero with full armor stacks or symetras gen can’t die. 250HP heroes can’t die if brigitte gives them extra armor.
Being fast balanced the fact that you normally don’t get multikills or oftenly miss it. The impact is all that matters.


I have said it in other threads, I truly believe it’s a rather meaningless nerf that is intended to placate the vocal portion of the community that has been screaming for Tracer nerfs.


So now we’re complaining when we counterplay the pulse bomb?


Yes and i’m totally down for it. But the main problem on tanking is the amount of controls that leaves you vunerable to focus fire mostly from normal abilities plus the damage spam on shields. I wouldn’t consider an ultimate spam. Too powerful maybe, but not in this case.

Dva counterplays, zarya counterplays, genju counterplays, even a stun counterplays. This is not counterplay, its make the numbers so we benefit other heroes


People are missing a huge point here. No halfway decent tracer isnt at the very least melee-ing when they ult. You ult, blink, shoot. This will still devastate any non-tank. AND, can still cripple tanks. This is barely a nerf. Its just meant to help tanks a little from something most of them cant stop.


It depends on what risks you’re taking for making additional damage. Every occasion differs. I generally prefer targets being in a range that they’d die with the stick+melee. Else you risk peeling/healing n so on.