Does leaving a match before the defeat/victory screen put you into queue before the previous match ends?

I don’t leave matches very often so I don’t know one way or the other for sure but, I was pretty sure it did put you in a match before the other one ended.

Earlier today this was posted:

If you do actually get put in a match after leaving a match but don’t get put in a match till the match ends if you stay till the match ends that leaves some interesting incentives and the behavior of players leaving late in the match makes more sense.

It doesn’t really change anything though? Leaving before the match is over still punishes you, no matter what.

Leaving before the Victory/Defeat/Draw screen will be during an active match, and will result in a competitive leaver penalty.

Leaving match results into punishments.
If you left it after victory screen you, as jeff said, won’t be put into a match, untill the potg abd carfs phase will end to the game you just left.

Leaving before a match ends in QP will just cost you the XP for the match and possibly penalize your xp gain.

The results of that penalty hit the same result with players that care about XP a ton and those that don’t care about it at all but, the results potentially move for players that only care somewhat.

Now, you know if you choose to stay not only are you stuck in a bad match till the end if you don’t leave you are also stuck for another minute or so. (Plus, you’d probably want to wait another minute or two after that if the people you played with were particularly bad.) Depending on how much you value XP vs how much you value having fun you may be better off choosing to leave matches more due to the new information.

Blizzard really needs to rethink their implementation on this one. Every single you wait a minute for a backfill, think of how many THOUSANDS of players are sitting there, THINKING THEY’RE in the queue after a completed match, but not really in the queue because Blizzard thinks you need a time out after each game.

And yes, this is a 3 month old thread and the topic is still relevant so I’m not making a duplicate topic.

I just think the game could stand to be more obvious about it. Like, if you queue while the previous game is still going on, have it display “Waiting for previous match to finish” at the top in the matchmaking popup thing, and then start the timer once it’s actually done.

It wouldn’t change anything about how the matchmaking works, it’d just make it a lot more obvious.


Agreed that would be better. But until Blizzard comes in here and says “we feel the community is a lot less toxic when we force a 45 second wait between games,” they have given absolutely no logical reason to waste everyone’s time every match. It’s just poorly thought out and should be changed, otherwise why NOT leave 2 seconds BEFORE defeat to immediately get my next game if I already have all the loot box content (XP penalty means nothing when you have all items)?