Do You Get Penalized If You Rejoin Immediately?

If you leave a comp game and join back immediately will you still be penalized? What if you do this 10 times in a game?

I saw a streamer leave the game at hero select to open up his lootbox and come back instantly, I think he got SR, but hopefully a community manager can confirm.

I believe the ban immediately goes through but i could be wrong

during last season’s placements my game crashed and i immediately launched and rejoined… if there was a penalty, it wasn’t visible. no message or ban timer

i was really fast about it though and idk about repeating it 10 times

Not once or twice, but there is a rule that if you try to leave more than that it will issue the Competitive penalty. Also failing to return after two minutes from a single instance of leaving a match results in the full penalty regardless of the match outcome.

More information:


Thanks for the clarification wyoming, I was wondering this myself.

thanks for the info wyoming