Do they even listen to us anymore?

Do they look at forum posts?

Do they listen to their community?

Do they know that every hero other than Sigma, Orisa, Zarya, Doomfist, Mei, Reaper, Moira, and Baptiste are considered THROW picks?

Do they understand barely anyone is having fun with this game?

Do they understand they need to balance heroes after making it impossible to counter double shield with 3 DPS anymore because of the forced 2/2/2?

Do they even understand the pain it is to play tank? Half the tank roster might as well be deleted from the game.

Do they listen to us? Maybe. Do they respond to us? No. Do they update us? No.

Do they make LEGO bastion for no apparent reason? Yes. (Well I think we all know the reason $$$)

There hasn’t been a time in this game where all but 10 heroes are unplayable. Why now? And why is Blizzard the quietest they’ve been.

I swear Blizzcon better be the balance of the century. Or maybe they release Overwatch on Mac as their big reveal, make a Sym short and add an Indian map. That too.

Please. Your silence is deafening. Give us something. Tell us you care. Fix the game. SO many people are having horrible times. There is so much wrong wit hit right now it’s humorous. Your absence is also humorous.

Please. Please. Please.


They’ve only ever listened when they absolutely had to, and ignored us whenever they’ve gotten constructive criticism. The only kind of feedback I’ve ever seen them endorse as “what we want” is unmitigated praise.


To answer your question, most of the time they don’t appear to. When something is serious enough they might then listen. Professional player and popular streamer feedback does appear to weigh considerably more in getting things changed, compared to community feedback.

We only have to look at what’s happened in the past to see this. Especially megathreads, Mercy’s popular megathreads being the best example. Very few official responses, of which were all moved from other random threads into the megathread. When identified as not really appearing to read the posts in the megathreads we shortly after had the integration of ‘hidden forum profiles’ so nobody can view the stats of most of the official forum profiles anymore (e.g. the number of posts read).

Do we get any kind of roadmap? Not really.

Do we get regular developer updates or regular updates from a community manager (e.g. insight into what’s happening, what might be coming up, or some detail on why something is or has recently been changed)? Again, not really. I’m not even sure what a CM’s role is on here, other than posting a very rare announcement. In other forums for some other games I’ve observed them taking a more interactive role with the forum members, and providing a little insight into what’s happening behind the scenes, but I don’t see that happening here.

It’s unfortunate but your post is very true. Yes, one could argue that we’ve had things like role queue or replays, but at the end of the day those were of benefit to OWL so that’s most likely why they arrived. Yes, we also had workshop, but that was a side project that took some time. The lack of a roadmap, regular developer updates (e.g. as a blog article or short video), regular interaction with forum members/community and having hidden forum profiles, isn’t fantastic by any means.





Absolutely not.

I think they do, but refuse to try and fix their mistakes because they don’t take lessons from people who can actually balance better than them.

They refuse to change 2/2/2, and I can feel 1/1/1/1/1/1 coming into display which’s going to make the game very dead.

No, The role of tanking should be removed from the game as a whole until they balance it.

Few times a year they show up and answer to some post to make people belive they actualy read it all.


I can understand why they won’t talk on the forums cause they messy, however they can at least give public messages about their plans. This is just ridiculous

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OWL is the center of their universe.


Of course not… we don’t know what we want and what we DO know we what contradicts what other people want

TLDR We are all idiots…

oh boy, you are pretty naive it seems a bit of a megalomaniac too, look, as much as you and a lot of others love calling this game garbage or trash or whatever, the reality is that you log in everyday and play it, the reality is that here you are investing time of your day on a plea based on your own subjectivity

The situation is very simple, if the game was dying then people wouldn’t be playing it or even coming to the forums to complain, when you’re done, you’re done

but here you are, still engaged on this “unfun” game, lol, admit it, you would still play overwatch even if it was 6v6 soldier 76s, I know I would

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Who wants to be active on this forum?

Where’s the constructive criticism? (there are definitely some but the bad ones are overshadowing the good ones.) Most of the posts here are whines, complaining about x hero being op just because it eliminated the person a few times, someone calling 'em incompetent indie company etc.


Honestly given the ways people use the forum can you blame them?

Yes, dozens or hundreds of posts about the same set of characters should not be considered evidence of a question… I’ll agree that there is yet to see some character someone hasn’t posted about, but the vast majority wrap around a set that seem problematic.


I don’t understand. do you mean x amount of players complaining about x hero, means x hero is busted/OP and needs nerf or?

I am just saying that it depends on the numbers, just qualifying your statement a bit. Its a bit absurd to come on say complain about getting killed by Battle-mercy (which is quite easy given the humongous projectiles she fires), but lets say there are several hundred posts about Doom or Widow… something is usually at that stage out of whack on some level, that’s all.

No, the best chance you have of being heard is twitter/reddit. Beyond that you need to be in the pro scene.

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To some degree, i guess? however the forum loves to complain about everything. Legit, there’s a new hero every month/meta that’s labeled as OP and previous one is forgotten, mostly.

therefore it’s hard for me to take most of 'em serious and most of the posts aren’t even constructive criticism.

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I think it speaks of the Development Team having literally no plan for the future of the game. I doubt they’ve considered it in the long term.


At this point even chinese f2p companies listen to their consumers more than activision blizzard and that’s just sad.


Ok let’s listen to this community…

I’ll handle it…Dev proceeds to go on forums for our insightful commentary…


So what did you learn?

Um…we really need to nerf ALL the tanks, the heals and supports AND delete half the dps…we need to delete half the maps…we need to redo the entire matchmaker…um our writers need to release lore every other week…we need a patch every day and we need to rename the game “not overwatch”…also OWL needs to go as it is apparantly responsible for global warming…

Hmmm…interesting…guess we’ll get right on that


Maybe if they actually ENGAGED with the community most of these post would filter out themselves…

Would you still get a few idiot post about “nerf x character into the ground” or etc. etc.

Yes, yes you would because there would always be people like that but actual engagement… Knowing what’s going on, talking with your people has actual produced more successes for other games and could be for this one unless they truly don’t care