Do people actually want Torb, Bastion, and Mei buffed?

“With every buff, comes nerf. With nerf, redemption.”


Mei yes, Torb is getting a rework so we don’t know what he’ll look like after that hoping he’ll at least be viable, and Bastion no I don’t really want him to be buffed he’s boring to play against and boring to have on your team

Well no hero should be in F tier


Basically there are a small number of people who want the game to be purely fun for them using lower skilled heroes while completely trolling and making the game a living hell for the enemy. It’s not very hard to counter these heroes but they are very annoying and buffing them would make it even more annoying


I want Bastion to be viable more than anything else in the universe. We’ve been at the bottom of the pickrate list for 18 months.

Put that 120 DPS Tank on



I have a Simple Question for you.

Have you played Bastion?

I mean no harm in this, but… Unless you put yourself in the shoes of someone who genuinely enjoys the hero, and wishes to have a balanced Fun Time playing said hero they enjoy, you probably cannot understand both points of view.

Everything is “Unfun” When you are only fighting Against It. -.-
If i had Never Played as Mei before, i would probably think that she’s a Stupidly easy Hero, who takes very little actual skill…

But i have played her, and she does take quite a bit of it.
She’s extremely punishable if you don’t manage her cooldowns correctly, and god forbid you place an icewall wrong… Even your own team could report you for a literal missclick.

My point is, Yes. Yes we do.

I now refer to the Bastion Mega thread, for those of you who are interested:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (120+ Likes, 1700+ Responses!)]


idkwtf you are on but Mei is fun.

smart mei is a cute grim reaper.
a noob mei is a free kill and ult fodder.


My favorite type of fun.


I want Bastion and Torb reworked for a net buff and I want Mei buffed with her current kit. The falloff change is perfect if it goes through, and her ult could use a little help too.


People look at their low pickrates and complain that they absolutely need to be buffed.

But they don’t really realize what buffing some of the most oppressive heroes actually mean. Like, Brig doesn’t come close to how much people would complain if Mei’s freeze or Bastion’s miniguns were in every other game.


mei doesnt need a rework.

she’s literally THE perfect model for any close quarters character.


I main torb, so yes I do. Better not touch his damage output though, if you go to training you can one shot training bots with the alt fire (especially if you head shot)

That phrase just makes my skin crawl. I’m imagining a bunch of stupid things like “Torb’s ult is he rides his turret around like a bucking bronco” and “Mei’s wall is now infinitely tall!”



Couldn’tve said it better myself.

If they were to rework Bastion I am not sure how they will do it… They can’t just remove a ability like sentry because that ability is literally part of him.

For his tank ultimate however, you don’t see the tank barrel on Bastion, it just suddenly appears when you ult, if the artists at blizzard are willing to do a lot of hard work maybe we could see a different and better transformation ultimate for Bastion but I highly, highly doubt it…

I Think They said somewhere that they tried putting Torbs ult on E… -.-

I’m Not happy with the lack of original thought that went into that attempt.

Yes! It would be wonderful if every character was balanced enough that any team composition was viable. However, that would be very difficult to accomplish with even half as many heros available. It’s entirely reasonable for people to want their favorite characters to be as viable as the prime meta picks.

So…you want them to stay low tier? Because Symmetra is still poo.


I want all heroes to be viable.

Maybe not the best, but pretty good.

Hey look, the last “Don’t buff Bastion” thread went so well, they decided to make another one… You don’t speak for the community, most people do want these characters buffed (or reworked, but the rework would result in a buff, so…).

And just like so many people in the last thread stated, these aren’t the most “unfun” heroes in the game. That’s your opinion. My opinion is that Hanzo and Doomfist are way more “unfun”. Dying in general is “unfun”, remove dying please, make it all a big hug-fest.

Buff Bastion (rework him, whatever you want to call it)
Buff Torb (he’s already getting a rework)
Mei is fine, just fix the cryofreeze bugs

Do this rework for Bastion
  • Configuration Sentry
    • Reduce maximum spread to 2° (Currently 3°)
    • Bloom added to weapon
      • Initial accuracy of 1.25°, bloom starts after 0.3 seconds of continuous fire
      • Reaches 2° after 0.3 seconds of additional continuous fire
    • Headshots added
    • Ammo count reduced to 200 (Currently 300)
  • Ironclad
    • Passive damage resist removed
    • Only applies during self-repair
    • Damage resistance increased to 25%
  • Self-repair
    • No longer consumes resources when it cannot heal Bastion
    • Starts healing instantly instead of having an 0.5 second delay
    • Able to reload while repairing
    • Applies Ironclad for duration of repair
  • Configuration Tank
    • No self damage
    • Tread sounds reduced slightly
    • Adds 150 armor