Do Mercy players honestly think


No mercy mains are saying keep focusing on my hero that I only want to play even though there are other more pressing issues. It’s pretty selfish actually. Yo could even say petulant. And it’s not even the fact that they want attention how they go about doing it. The constant spam threads asking for a revert that will never happen because only they want it. I don’t mercy mains have built up a bad reputation on here as being annoying. They are literally trying to whine till they get their way. Fine if you want to to that but understand that it will rub everyone else the wrong way.


Ana got buffed, Moira launched.

Mercy lost “marketshare”.

That’s not a problem.

The idea that it is a problem is completely unreasonable.


I just hope they’re aware that standing for 2seconds in order to rez someone is nothing but fun…

I don’t ask they work on her NOW, I just ask they don’t give her up as she actually is, a heal bot forced to hide all the fkg time…

I had an idea during her rework. Copying Torb system.

Make her rez a ressource bar she fullfils healing. This bar could have several levels, so she could rez several ppl in a certain radius.

Another idea, she could use her rez ressource to put a rez buff on her allies (like … 1 lvl bar = 1 rez buff, 2 lvl bar = 2 rez buffs etc…). If the ally she buffed dies, he’s rezzed. But if Mercy dies before, the rez buff is lost.

It’s just ideas, but I think it would be way more funnier and strategic. She would not be a heal bot, standing like a tree asking to be shot. She would be active, working her precious rezs.


Just revert her…i don’t even care about the flying crap she does, i just want to HEROES NEVER DIE again


Mercy isn’t useless, she’s just not as useful and no longer a must pick. Now that rez is useless to use in teamfights, people are looking more towards supports that can heal through teamfights better, like moira.

So if they do change anything about mercy, it will be quite some time before she gets anything done to her, because other heroes are in much worse states than she is.

Symmetra still hasn’t been picked once in OWL, and i’m glad they’ve elevated her rework to come after Hanzo’s.


Mercy supposedly isn’t fun to play, but she’s one of the most picked heroes at the tiers that cover 95% of the players? I don’t understand, isn’t the point of playing a game to have fun? If so why are people playing Mercy? That’d be like if I said “Overwatch is a boring awful game, but I play it every day instead of any other video games”.


I really don’t want another huge Mercy rework. Maybe a small one that changes Rez in some way, but other than that, Mercy is fine.


Not true. In my opinion I still feel - and I’ve expressed this in other threads - that Valk is underwhelming, that’s it.

Mercy is definitely still viable and balanced in comparison to other heroes who take priority in terms of tweaks.

Personally I don’t main them but I’d love to see Symmetra and Ana focused on! They need it.


She also didn’t need a rework.


They left the unnecessary re-work unfinished, god forbid if they do this terrible treatment to another hero.


I don’t think it’s possible to finish this rework any further.

Without a revert (which they did they aren’t going to do), you’d need another different rework. Because she’s going to need nerfs and buffs to meaningfully change her current playstyle.


It’s not so much wanting her to take precedence over other heroes as making sure Blizzard doesn’t just decide she’s ‘fine’ because people stop talking about it. Especially seeing as they refuse to acknowledge the huge mega threads (the current on is at 14k + with no dev response). Their attitude to the whole thing is frankly abysmal. They took a hero that was perfectly fine other than some issues with their SR system that were being exploited and massively reworked her into a god only to spend the next six months claiming they hadn’t made a mistake while, at the same time, nerfing her ever patch to fix said non existent mistake. They’ve yet to admit any wrong doing on their part or to acknowledge the fact that they supposedly reworked her in the first place to be more engaging only to leave her feeling lack luster and dull compared to her prerework self.

If Blizzard came out and just said quite honestly that they have other things they need to work on right now but they have plans to revisit Mercy after that, people would calm down some. Instead they close Mercy threads and shuffle every one off to the echo chamber like a four year old covering their ears and screaming ‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU’ really loudly. Petulant is, I think, the right word for their behavior.


One instant Rez
Better healing
Faster ga or valk speed not all just 1


Do I think they will? No.

That’s not going to stop me from demanding it. They took something that was fine, and made a mess of it. They need to clean up the mess they made.


But why before fixing other heroes that are barely even playable?

And instead devote those limited resources to redesigning the 3rd most picked hero in the game?


Mercy is still picked way more than, say, Lucio or Ana. Why would they start tweaking the same hero again when she is in a perfectly fine place over the other two supports?


Not to mention I don’t actually see them working on other heroes. This Reaper and Mei buff should have come 4 months ago.
Where’s my Torb and Symm Rework? Torb has been languishing in F-Tier for the past 2 years.

All of this could have been avoided in the first place if Blizzard hadn’t listened to the whiners in the first place calling for a Mercy nerf. No Mercy player wanted that crazy rework, and surprise nobody ended up liking it either, neither Mercy players nor everyone else.

Blizzard needs to finish what it started. Mercy in her current state is still awfully and obviously unfinished and incomplete. We Mercy players will continue demanding for the fixes because Blizzard broke what didn’t need fixing.


No. I expect them to rework Mercy after they’re done with Hanzo, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Doomfist, Bastion, and Ana.

I’m more than willing to wait my turn.

I’m fed up with people saying that Mercy should never be reworked again.


I think it is more like wanting them to say that they do have plans to look into her again eventually, even if it takes a while.


I have way better question for you dps-ers. Do you think anyone cares to tank or heal anymore and be walking target ?