Do events work better with a "lore spin off"?

  • Junkenstein is an alternative horror version, while Wrath of the Bride is its sequel;
  • Starwatch is a parody of a space opera, although in my opinion extremely unsuccessful in its narrative organization in comics;
  • Battle for Olympus: mythological parody in which Zeus puts his throne up for grabs (another internal disorganization in setting the ranking with the community for the statue in Ilios);
  • Prop hunt: The thief robs the alchemist and the knight must find her.
  • Sanctuary trials: Lilith has awakened, and we simulate an RPG;
  • SSerafim: Overwatch girls collect concert tickets;

In my opinion, all these methods work in terms of stylistic immersion. more or less all of them have a certain thematic respect not only in the skins, but also in the setting around them, including the mode announcer. However, there are modes that DO NOT work at all, some of which have been shamefully exalted as strong points of their season:

  • Valentine’s Day event: I understand that it is a very simple deathmatch that pays homage to the old Arrow scatter… but they could have given greater stylistic immersion with an announcer, or put hanamura as the kingdom of love;
  • battle of the Demon Lord: the textual management of the battle pass was decidedly shameful (among other things, not even dubbed in all the vocal lines) but even more embarrassing was the total lack of stylistic immersion of the demon lord in the maps in which he was proposed . even the paladins chosen to defeat him, an embarrassing disorganization compared to what we could see in Battle for Olympus respecting the theme of all the heroes.

today I had this disappointment again with the new mode against Orisa: it’s a boring version of a flashpoint in 4v4. Neither the map nor Orisa’s voice involves you in what is happening, it doesn’t even seem like a season dedicated to this theme. it’s even worse than what happened to demon lord, who was saved from the prop hunt idea on the medieval theme. It’s really sad that they completely left out the entire tank roster and put almost all the dps and support heroes without a theme. as if the absence of engaging voicelines such as wrath of the bride wasn’t enough.

so here’s some feedback: does it make sense for the seasons to have a theme if their iconic event may not live up to the thematic representation? For me, season 5 and this one are decidedly shameful, since their representative events are not very lazy in theme from all points of view.

I read Mei’s Yeti hunt comic and I see that as an interesting cat and mouse slapstick story.

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