Dive Into the Overwatch Summer Games With Concept Artists

while i am not a massive fan of most the skins this event i would love to see more things like this, its interesting to hear the thoughts of the skins by the people who designed them, would especially love them for lore heavy skins

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Are you being sarcastic?

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I love the brig skin

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Ironic they would give Brig a cool skin and nerf her super hard at the same time. Now I’m throwing my games if I want to use the new skin.

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Hey can you guys fix your game that was fine until you just broke it again like usual

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How come the Pharah skin doesn’t follow the trend of skin-specific footstep sound effects? Like Waveracer D.Va’s skin sounds and Swamp Monster Doomfist’s splash sounds? These details really make each skin feel special first person!
Edit: BeBoundless beat me to it lol


It’d be great if you made this game fun enough for these skins to be worth playing for.

Honestly, if I were an artist, sound designer, VA, or writer for this game, I’d be so upset at the immense disrespect the balance team had shown my hard work. Nobody’s work has been this thoroughly desecrated since Bruce Banner’s tailor.

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who thought it would be a good idea to do lifeguard pharah instead of lifeguard mercy!?!?!

Eh you will be fine…

It is not like you have to import the models into Unity and then watch in horror as you wonder “Why is this model looks like they just walk out of chemo?”


You telling me importing into unity is buggy as hell and I should import to UE instead?

Eh, it only happen once to me.

But since that day I have moved to just use hooded models, otherwise the engine handles 3d models like a charm

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Well said! I would like the design but I cannot take my eyes off from those monkey arms… :frowning:

I don’t think her arms are all that long. Given all the gals’ models having long legs, the fingertips will hit closer to the knee. But her goofy, salute-like flat hands are not helping.

Yeah, I asked about this on the day the event dropped - both here and on Twitter.

It is strange (and inconsistent) that a hero who is only out for 50% of the kit, got specific footstep noises, but a character that’s 100% has got the generic foot noise.

Please, Blizz, can we get the right noise?

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Did Blizzard respond? How can we get this to their attention?


As for how to get them to respond or get their attention? No idea. It’s possible they haven’t even read a single post in this very thread - yet alone even a fraction of their Twitter questions and forum threads.