Dissconnects Costing SR

Why is it every time someone disconnects they lose 50 SR especially when it is not the persons fault when the game doesn’t let them reconnect? It has happened to me countless times be in a match disconnect and wasn’t able to get back into game and it costed 50 SR drop. Then you have to win the Next to games to make up that lost SR. It’s getting really frustrating to deal with getting penalized as though you purposely left game. Then on top of that the rest of your teammates you were just playing with or even your opponents report you for leaving game. Which then lowers your percentage for teaming up with more good players. I am sorry but, the system is broken and needs to be fixed. Honestly I am surprised this hasn’t been fixed and or Identified before. If someone Clicks on the LEAVE GAME option its an on Purpose Leave. However if that button is not pressed more times then not its a disconnect. At least Penalize those who purposely leave. STOP PENALIZING THOSE WHO DISCONNECT due to connection issues. It hurts the players that are trying their best and playing well.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

It is insult to injury all because it ends up putting you in a bracket that costs you more games which has been explained and shown countless times. The reason this is so annoying is due to the fact you have a 75% chance to lose your next 5-10 matches. Even your programs has shown as much. Which is why for those of us who truly get DC’d it sucks. An does not say keep playing this game. That screams leave the game and get everyone else on board who Keeps DC’ing. So I wonder does Blizzard want to keep a game going or does it want to keep hurting its players and making people wish they had never bought the game “Over Watch”? For once again I received a very hard DC my Controls even went out of my control before I hard DC’d. Now that is something I want to know how to prevent. I had DC’d several other times thinking it was just a fluke but, counting how many times I have Been DC’d the Total of SR loss because of it is tremendous roughly around 500 SR roughly. If I had never DC’d ever that means I would would have a 500 SR gain instead. So 500 SR is 10 DC’s and for some reason I only Receive 25 SR per win even while on a Streak. Which means 1 DC doesn’t just set you back 2 wins, it also sets you up for a 75% chance to lose your next few matches anywhere from 5-10 matches. So where exactly is the fairness? Also on top of that the Skill Rating for players in this game is only based on SR right? If that was the case why would the game put people into range of those within 1k SR Difference? That is a system set up for failure. Sorry But, solo Queue’s should be set to within 250 SR of each other to balance out the fairness of the game. Group Finders SR yes be put up against other groups who have SR within 100 SR Difference. That will also help balance out the Fairness of COMP Play. But, this DC punishment crap is really Getting old its not even Been a year yet and I have DC’d 10 times costing me 500 SR in total. A loss I can deal with but, this Over Punishment of an actual DC is kind of Ridiculous to be honest.

I disconnected from my competitive Lucio ball game for a little amount of time and I hurried and joined back. I joined and played for the rest of the time and we won. And yet I still got the suspension and lost 50sr dropping me out of top 500. I put in work that game and all I got out of it was me losing my top 500.

Arcade Competitive game modes only have a 10 second return timer to avoid a penalty due to the short nature of the game. Regular competitive is 2 minutes when eligible.