Discussion about disconnecting from comp

So this game can sense lag but you still get punished for disconnecting.

In the new patch we have priority que so here’s my suggestion.

What if blizzard adds an addition to comp that will test your FPS and if it’s not above a certain amount then it won’t let you play comp.

or maybe if you get consistent spikes of lag it will kick you from the match and close the match so priority que can find you a new match.

it is possible to get rid of the leave button and if you leave the match because of disconnecting then that match won’t count.

I’ve never heard something this bad
Please don’t
There’s no logical reason behind this

You could just… You know… Do your lagswitch microwave to kick you out if you’re loosing and


You leave comp match ( by choice or not ) you get penalized . This is how it works and how it should remain.
Why you disconnected is immaterial.

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Players should be able to play competitive regardless of their computer rig.

Seems easily exploitable with a lag-switch program.

I feel for those that actually get lagged out of a match but sadly having that in game would open the flood gates to abusers.

I think they should make it that if you disconnect from the game for connection issues you shouldn’t be punished by losing sr and the game just closes and no one loses or gains sr

The game client (not the game server) will detect when there are packets dropped or the return signal from your router is delayed. Online game servers can’t track each individual connection because its kinda pointless to do so given the nature of how the world wide web works.

The game’s Frames per second has absolutely NOTHING to do with your connection. Now if you mean your ping rate, the game only needs about a 1 mbps download and upload rate to successfully play (I tested it this low). Also connection issues can occur at any moment without any notice, so this is not really effectively enforcable and would cause more issues for players.

Sorry players would abuse this extremely badly. No online game server (of any game) simply can’t tell when a player does this to their router:

Players can still use Alt + F4 to deliberately leave.

I understand your frustration with penalties, but you must understand there is a fine balance between handling those who are disconnecting and those who would abuse any changes to the leaver rules in order to avoid losing skill rating. Again, if you are having frequent connection issues… STOP playing Competitive. If you need help troubleshooting your connection. Players like myself and Blizzard Technical Support can lend a hand in the technical support forum.

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Blizzard penalizes players who disconnect to prevent players by faking a disconnection and avoiding the penalty. It also encourages players to stop playing Competitive Play and take time to fix their technical issues before attempting to play again. You can learn more about their policy on this here: