Discrepancies in lore


Hi I just want to ask a few questions so Rein pronounces her name differently on a dialogue, is that because of his accent or did you guys changed it a while back?

Also on her bio it says that she is the youngest daughter, but in the reflections comic she looks like the oldest. Are those torb’s grandchildren?

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Yes, those are his grandchildren.

Brigitte's story
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wait what.

now everyone is gonna be calling him Grandpa Torb.


oh that makes sense. man the lindholmes are like rabbits.


weird but so true lmao


Sooo, that’s why Ingrid let Rein choose her daughter name, ahah. I sure thought it would be highly unlikely for someone to be happy about her husband letting other person name their first-born xD


Hahah reminds me of drunk Gimli


Okay but… who’s the father? :thinking:




How old is she really? I want to know when the operation was “White Dome” and at what age Angela was already at Overwatch…


They were probably out of ideas.


I am really sorry but what about new year twitt then someone ask about who’s children in comics? Still have screenshot
It’s from official twitter and it doesn’t say that he is their grandfather… I really upset about it :c


After I saw her status as youngest child, I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the prompt clarification!

Begin Grampa Torb meme!


OK, follow up question. If Brigitte is 28, that means Operation White Dome was roughly 28 years ago. If the Angela in Torb’s letter is Mercy, would that mean she was 9 at that point (she’s 37 currently)?

Which means she was a genius child prodigy working with Overwatch (possible, but unlikely).

Or her family was friends with the Lindhom family, and she had expressed her future desire to be a medical pioneer to Papa Torb, and he simply recalled it while recuperating. (More likely)


Chu said on twitter that the age for Brigitte is wrong but to my knowledge has not clarified what the correct age is


I don’t know she could look like 37 but let’s remember she has mastered Nano-biotic technology and according to the dialogue with Mei she hasn’t aged ‘‘a day’’ which means somehow she could have eternal youth? Appearance?


Pretty sure they have confirmed that is her actual age.


Let’s get the whole Lindholm family on the roster! xD


mercy isnt 37 tho… shes much older… u can see her in the pic with the rest of the original overwatch team, she cant be near pharah’s age which is 32 i think, cuz in the pic pharah was around 10-12. ana is around 60 same as soldier. mercy is above 40 or 50 but with her healing tech she can look younger as she offered it to ana once in a voice line


No, he is right. Her bio states 37. Yet another discrepancy.