Brigitte's story

Is Brigitte Torbjorn’s youngest or eldest daughter now?

The youngest daughter of weapons designer, Torbjörn Lindholm, Brigitte was the first of his children to show an interest in mechanical engineering. Brigitte spent much of her spare time in her father’s workshop, learning the trade and honing her skills. Her aptitude for engineering mirrored that of her father’s, but Brigitte’s primary interest was in armor fabrication and defensive systems, unlike Torbjörn, who was world renowned (and perhaps infamous) for the weapons he created.

Everyone expected that Brigitte would continue her apprenticeship and follow in her father’s footsteps. But her plans changed due to influence of another prominent figure in her life, her father’s close friend and fellow Overwatch agent, Reinhardt Wilhelm. A close friend of the family and Brigitte’s godfather, Reinhardt told Brigitte tales of heroes and chivalry as she grew up. After his retirement and Overwatch’s fall, Reinhardt declared that he would become a knight-errant on a quest to bring justice. Before he left on his adventures, Brigitte surprised him by asking to join him as his squire. Reinhardt accepted.

There was a letter from Torbjorn to his wife, talking about his daughter and naming Reinhardt as her godfather.

Need some clarification. Thank you.

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And the problem is where?..

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That bugged me too, is she the oldest child or what? What is she the “youngest” of?

Who said anything about her being the eldest daughter, though? :thinking:

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I always felt it was a bit implied since the Xmas comic issue, where she is in the background behind Reinhardt while he is interacting with Torb’s much younger kids.

Unless, the lore writer wants to say they were Torb’s grandkids.

Then again, that assumes Overwatch has an actual lore writer. Oh, I know the title is associated with a person, I’m just not seeing much writing of anything being done. If I wrote like this as an author, I’d have been out of a career a long time ago (and yes, I am an author for 25 years and counting).

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Brigitte is the youngest. The holiday comic shows a bunch of Torb’s grand kids, so his older kids had all of those.

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We speculated those were his, nobody I can remember says they’re his. Considering the amount, I’m going to go with grandkids.

just look up Michael Chu’s tweets about Brigitte. *He answers some of these questions you have.

Michael Chu has addressed this.

That’s the issue I have as hinted at in my final post paragraph. Most of this lore is nothing but pure speculation, because the writing and output is almost nonexistent.

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Well, the next question is, how many kids does Torb has?

Anyways, it was hard to tell whether Brigitte is the youngest or eldest, as they pinned her age at 28.

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