Discord voice cuts out when in a game

So I’ve faced a new problem. When I’m on a private call or either a public voice channel on Discord and go in game on Overwatch, my and the other people’s voices all start cutting out and we hear maybe 5% of what we’re actually saying.
It also only happens when in a game but not when on the menus, searching for game or such. I’ve already disabled Discord overlay, but the problem still exists.

Has anyone got any suggestions what might be causing this, and then have possible fixes? So far the only game I’ve been having these problems with is OW, and it’s really annoying but I have no clue what else to try to solve it.

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So to clarify, you’re having a problem with Discord, not Overwatch?

With Discord, but only with Overwatch - and only when I’m in a game, the voice works perfectly in the menus, starts cutting out right when I get into a game, and stops right after the game ends.
The ingame voice chat works quite normally, discovered though that at points I get quite silent moments when I can see people’s icons activating but I can’t hear anything - I know this sometimes happens when the quietest noises get picked up etc but I was seeing the icons activate like people would have been answering to each other, might be coincidence but I don’t know, just saying in case it has some relation

Sounds like a Windows sound setting issue. In the Sounds control panel, go to the Communications tab and make sure “When Windows detects communication activity” is set to “do nothing”

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Checked, it is set to that. And the problem is not only me not hearing others, but that I’m getting cut out for them too

Disable other sound devices besides the one you’re using?

I went to disable them but thought to check them for updates, and apparently two of them were out of date - so this fixed my problem, thanks for the help!

What to you do to update them, I’m having the same problem. Do you mean a driver update?

Heya Joseph,

Based on the problem and the solution I’m going to say this was most likely a drivers update. Drivers updates can be checked through Windows but it is often much better to check through the device manufacturer.

If this is a prebuilt PC, the vendor will likely have a “drivers” page in their support section for the device (Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc)

If this is a custom computer, the motherboard manufacturer is best (MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, etc)

Alternatively, if you are using a USB audio device, you’d want to check with the USB audio device manufacturer (Razer, SteelSeries, Logitech, etc)

That said, since this is an older thread I do need to close it out. Be sure to create a new thread for any new issues in the future, or contact support directly.

Thanks! Hope this info helps!