Disconnection Suspension

So this has happened twice now in the same day, I’m playing my placement matches and I get to the last one. In the last game towards the end I dc, I rejoin as soon as possible, but when I do I still get suspended and I don’t get credit for the game I just contributed to expect in the 1 minute of being disconnected. I’m afraid that this is going to happen too many times and my account will be suspended indefinitely. This being my favorite game to play and spending money, time, and sanity on it I really don’t want this penalty to be the reason I can’t play it because of perma ban.

If you were penalized you were gone for more than two minutes and the penalty still stands. This is not a bug and is intended by Blizzard.

Please note, if you are disconnecting frequently, you need to stop playing Competitive Play and work on these troubleshooting steps:

Just allow the game to recognize the difference between a DC and leaving the game

The game already can tell, but it can’t tell the difference between a disconnection that is caused by accident, versus someone who deliberately creates a disconnection. Furthermore, players are responsible for their internet connection, and while accidents can happen, it is their responsibility to avoid Competitive Play and to troubleshoot any issues before attempting to play Competitive again.

And why does the penalty stack? If it were to suspend me for say 20 minutes per game I DC from then that could be reasonable, but stacking it for it to go to an hour or more is absurd. This makes it impossible to play ranked and get better if I get suspended for the time that I have to play. Not everyone has these amazing host-the-overwatch-playoffs type of connection. We need to be able to play more often even though the “team” my suffer. If somebody were to leave because I disconnected then recognize the fact that the clicked the leave game button and I didn’t.

It stacks because you are not being responsible for your connection. Continue to leave or disconnect from Competitive games and it will result in increasing suspensions up to and including a season ban from Competitive Play. Getting a season ban results in the loss of all end-of-season rewards (spray, icon, bonus competitive points). If you get three season bans, you will be PERMANENTLY banned from Competitive Play.