Disconnection lost point after reconnection

Hi there,

I’ve just noticed that I lost most likely 50 points because of a deconnection. There was a thunderstorm and I’ve lost connection for like 3mins. Then I came back and we won the game.

Why the hell did I lose the points?
Anything doable ?


The policy is that if you fail to return within two minutes you automatically receive a penalty and a loss on your match record regardless of the match outcome. Learn more here:

Please remember that you are responsible for your internet connection. Remember to play responsibly including avoiding Competitive play during times when it is likely to lose your connection such as a thunderstorm.

Well, I found that a little unfair, especially that it is the first time ever I lost connection during a game. And you know right that Thunderstorm can happen really quickly.
Anyway, I get your point.

Thanks for your answer,