Disconnected twice

Hey, so two games I and everyone in-game have been disconnected. the errors say failed to connect. both times I have been suspended and lost so much sr. It is not just me, so it is not my internet.


I’ve lost 100 sr on my main account purely from just getting disconnected and being punished for leaving the game. It goes laggy then the whole screen goes black and it says failed to connect to server. This has happened to almost every one of my friends who were playing at the time, blizz give us our sr back :sob:

I’ve liked this post with all 3 of my acc to make sure they see this

Developers don’t monitor this forum, and likes don’t increase visibility of a post. If you’re both having connection issues, make sure to follow the steps in the pinned thread if you want to troubleshoot. If you have feedback only, please use #competitive-discussion.

It was server dying not our connections

The error message you received is a local/routing connection issue. When the server goes down, the message is “Unexpected server error.”

my friends are from all over Aus and had the same problem happen at the exact same time, in different games aswell, or can local be a large part of aus?

Absolutely, especially if you’re all sharing an ISP. It could also be that multiple ISPs are routing through a specific hub that went down. When someone else reported that they couldn’t connect to Australia servers today, I used a VPN to Australia and was able to connect/play on the Sydney server.