Disconnected from Server

Got kicked out of a competitive game less than 2 minutes in and wasn’t able to even get back into the menu select screen. Had to close Overwatch and reopen and still proceeded to take a minute to get it. Other applications were working fine, wasn’t a wifi issue. I was able to get back in at the end of the 2nd round (capture) and play thr rest. We managed to win, yet I’m still down 50 sr and a ban timer. Blizzard, why are you going to hurt your own players by something that was your fault?? Wtf dudes

If the server went down and caused a disconnection, the match wouldn’t exist when you came back. While it may not be something in your house specifically, there are a lot of components that make your connection to the server possible. The connection route looks like this: your home network equipment > ISP nodes > ISP peer routing > Blizzard peer routing > Blizzard servers.

In this forum we can only work on troubleshooting connection issues, whereas feedback on how the system works should be posted in #competitive-discussion so developers will see it.