Disconnected from game, but still won

The power in my house reset, so I got DCed. Joined back and still won the game with my team. however, got a massive SR loss even though we won?? Can I submit a ticket to get this SR back?

Nah, that is just a bug that has been in the game for years, at this point. All you can do is get the SR back the old fashioned way, crushing your enemies bones!

No, if you leave but failed to return to the match within two minutes, the penalty still stands and you are marked with the loss on your record. Customer Service will not help you with this. Details on this policy can be found here:

It is not a bug they deliberately intended this as protocol to deter deliberate leavers and those who are having frequent technical issues. Anyone can be subjected to a one-time issue, which is why the penalty of only a 15-minute suspension is the starting penalty.


Seems to me like 2 min for things like a power outage is too short.

It generally takes 2 min for the router to reboot.

Unfortunate but I believe 3-4 min could be a decent change… Or at least 0 SR if they came back and won

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If you came back after couple more minutes and won then the team arguably could have won without you.
In fact doing this would encourage people who rage quit after the first team fight to just take a peek back, if they are winning, complete the match and “yay, I did this”.

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I don’t know many rage quitters to scramble back into the game though… plus if re entered they just wouldn’t take the SR gains

0 SR for rejoining and winning

It still is a hassle for your team to be on 5v6 for a couple minutes and that shouldn’t have any encouragement.
If anything performance based SR gain/loss should have more impact than raw win/loss and I’m sure Blizzard have enough data detect who performs well and not for each rank. (Especially showing all those IBM Watson based player rankings)
In that case if you come back and overperform you could lose less SR than you would if you just left.

More performance based would be good to a point…

A win is worth 15
Then it’s 1-15 bonus points based on performance.

A loss is worth 15
Then 1-15 bonus loss points based in performance

As opposed to pure performance.

Yeah, pure performance shouldn’t be a thing, but IMO should be heavier than it is now.

But why does it still punish if the person comes back?

a deliberate leaver wouldn’t randomly join back, they would just wait until the ‘rejoin game’ (or whatever it says) disappears

In the case of a power outage, yeah there is no real chance to recover. Some technical issues can be easily recovered (like a RDL crash of the game software).

Mostly to deter bad leaver behavior and to encourage users to correct any technical issues. If you disconnect or crash, try to finish that given match of course, but afterward take time to figure out why that disconnection or crash happens, or at the very least avoid Competitive play for several minutes to ensure there are no persistent issues. In the case of bad leaver behavior, the penalty applies because you don’t want someone who deliberately wants to throw the match be able to come back in when they think the match will end and avoid that leaver penalty to begin with.

In the end, I know there are more complaints about teammates dealing with leavers on their team here on the forums (and elsewhere in the community) versus those who complain about getting penalized for technical issues. When someone leaves, intentionally or not, it disrupts the game that is being played, and there is no easy solutions that can accommodate either the team who has the leaver or the leaver itself (without compromising on the team without the leaver).

What we as players must realize is that if you have a technical issue, please try to identify and correct. I understand this is not always easy for some people. In the case of the original poster, a power outage is pretty straight forward and an unfortunate one-time issue. The good news a one-time issue is more often than not easy to recover from in games following as the SR will correct itself naturally.

That’s fair, it’s probably just more reasonable to understand when the penalties apply.

Do they have some sort of competitive rules section to read these kinds of details, like time to rejoin before penalty, or is it just find out for yourself?

I’m sorry but 3-4 minutes means you were gone like 1/3 to 1/2 of the game in which The whole team had to go super clutch during that time to pull off a win so I wouldn’t think you deserve to get the win.

LOL two minutes to return