Disconnected and got a penalty. :(

was gonna show my client couldn’t connect to your server for no obvious reason but I can’t even post “links” which pisses me off even more, this is why I don’t buy lootboxes anymore, not sure if it’s because I live in mexico (I live less than 1200 kilometers away from the servers tho) but I get DC’ed often and it always happens at the beginning of the season
imgur .com/a/TnCXACX


We cover our scope of support around the penalty system in the stickies at the top here is a link. I understand a disconnection can be frustrating on top of returning to the penalty system but a lot of factors can cause a disconnection to occur at the OS, local network, ISP or peering level.

These forums are for troubleshooting and information gathering only. Feedback should be posted over on the General forums for our developers to see. If you wish to troubleshoot I recommend to try the steps below:

  1. Power Cycle the home network’s modem and router following the steps Here.
  • Once the network is back online flush your DNS cache using the commands Here.
  1. If you utilize a wireless connection, try to go wired following the steps Here.

If the issue continues try running a WinMTR to the server at the start of a Quickplay or Arcade game till you disconnect. Get this data back to us for review.

Thank you!

Note: I edited your title to be more related to your issue.