Disconnect vs Leaving

I just love how the game has at least 20 ways of telling you that you’re being disconnected/experiencing high ping but once you disconnect you get slapped on the wrist with a suspension because you ‘left’ the match. That’s just so neat :slight_smile:

since the game doesn’t know whether you’ve genuinely disconnected or pulled the plug on your router to avoid a loss it treats all disconnects the same way


Curtard gets a heart point from me.

This forum post from Blizzard technical support describes more details into the policy on why all disconnection will be penalized.

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as someone who does expirience high ping
It does suck but I understand why it exists
for me what I wish was if I have a leaver for WHATEVER REASON and I lose
then I should not lose SR in my opinion
the only counter to this is that someone would find a way to abuse this
and the only way I could come up with this is:
having an alt account that leaves whenever you are about to lose or something
but that account would be banned after leaving x games
they would bully someone into leaving
but to overwatch’s credit there are SO many ways to avoid this
you can block them you can chat mute them you can voice mute them
if it is the entire team then you can completely leave voice
also you can report this person for absuive chat
so this is the only thing I wish because out of the I would say 50+ games I have had a leaver in with losing hundreds of SR from them
I have only won 1 where there was a leaver on my team and the person came back after Dcing
and we had to TURBO SWEAT to stall them down to 0
the only other times is when I dcd which I think was twice and we won those because once again I came back and we were already rolling them

I still don’t believe that there isn’t a form of differentiation as the game literally changes it’s interaction with you when you lag - whether it be that you’re teleporting, it shows the connection symbol, or hell, pulls you into a “spectator” like mode for lagging.

Not to mention that disconnects happen in a variation of ways - ping build up, where the game eventually gives up trying to keep you connected to the servers or where you’re immediately cut off - I think you can tell yourself which one would apply to an abuser.

power outage, there is still no way to tell a difference between a disconnect and this, so people would still be penalized falsey

(don’t quote me on that i don’t actually know)

Some disconnections may show hints of increase latency, others may not. You must also account for hard crashes with computer systems and power outages. I would also remind you that the penalties start small but quickly ramp up because one of its functions is to incentivize players who are having technical problems to not play the competitive play mode. While I do acknowledge that a technical malfunction can happen to anyone of us at any time, we all have the responsibility of making sure that we are attempting to play competitive with a reliable connection and a stable system. Unfortunately there have been many players in the past who eventually gone permanently banned because they were deliberately ignorant of their technical issues.