Disconnect competitive glitch

So I’ve disconnected maybe 4-5 times in the entire lifetime of the game (I’ve owned it since it came out). I know there are people out there who dc once every few games though, and there’s an issue. I understand someone getting penalized for leaving if they dc and the entire rest of the game is played, that’s basically the same. I’ve had a few games though where people have disconnected and can return to team/match chat but not the game due to a glitch in being banned before the game is over. My guess is that the devs just updated the game to input a leaving penalty as soon as someone dc’s, but I, as well as I assume many other people, have all had a once in a while time where you dc just for a 30 second to a minute period (bad bandwith, someone else in your house uploading/downloading, etc.). Yes it’s annoying for your team, but overwatch basically decides at this point, nope, you don’t get to go back, you’re team only gets 5 players now even though you could return and change the tide of the game.

The rules for how a Competitive Match handles the leaver works as follows:

  • If a player leaves before contributing to the match in any way (by dealing damage to opponents or healing allies), then the match cancels automatically. The player who left and triggered the match cancellation will be marked with a loss and penalized appropriately. All remaining players will be returned to the lobby with no impact on their record or skill rating. They will also be given a free opportunity to have a priority requeue.
  • If a player leaves a match after contributing to the match, the match will continue, but a two minute timer begins. If the player successfully returns to the match before the timer expires and the match is not over, they will not be penalized and can finish the match. If the player fails to return either within two minutes or the match completes normally, that player will be issued a match loss (regardless of the result of that match) and will be penalized appropriately.
  • If in the event the two-minute timer expires, the remaining team members of that match may leave the match without penalty but they will still take a match loss (regardless of the outcome of that match.

All disconnections counts as leaving and will be penalized appropriately. You can learn about Blizzard’s policy here:

I have never disconnected from a game before, and at the beginning of a game suddenly this warning pops up, and it kicked me out of the game without even the match has started!
It penalized me and suspended me for a few minutes and reduced my SR!


I have just started a similar thread now.
For my part I’m not allowed to re-join even if I can communicate in team chat with game…

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