Disconnect and suspention

You know the drill.
Wait for queue, start a game, disconnected, can’t rejoin, comp suspended for 6 minutes.
No issues with my internet connection, it’s on your side.

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Internet disconnections can happen for a variety of reasons, and with the pandemic outbreak disconnections can happen more frequently for reasons outside of either the player’s or Blizzard’s control. You can however track down the source point of a disconnection with careful testing by doing a WinMTR test.

In any case, the starting penalty is only 10 minutes for this reason and as long as you are not deliberately trying to requeue for Competitive, you will unlikely lose too much SR or risk long-term suspensions or bans. Learn more about Blizzard’s penalty policy here:

I had the same issue happen twice, resulting in 100 SR penalty and a 10 minute suspension, followed by a 2 hour suspension the second time. My Internet connection is completely fine. Can we expect this to be a regular, common issue?

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Overwatch servers have reported no issues for several weeks. Instead, you’d need to ask your ISP, since all of them (globally) are struggling to keep up with the demands of most people being at home online due to quarantine.

Just happened again, resulting in yet another 50 SR penalty and a 20 minute suspension.

I am simply reluctant to play the game at this point. It is clearly nothing on the users’ end if multiple people are experiencing it.

Scratch that, it’s a 20 hour suspension. How do I have this resolved? This is extremely frustrating, I am not exiting matches and it is not my ISP, I have triple checked

Please see my reply in your new thread.