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You gotta wonder the reasoning on releasing this not only on a Saturday, but on a holiday weekend for Blizzard HQ. There’s got to be a skeleton staff there right now running around in a panic.


Ya act like every video game ever made is perfect and that bugs don’t exist. I promise, it isn’t the end of the world.


B> Elo Boost (i am GOLD) Pog

I was gonna grind out comp before new updates on some other games but now I have to wait for both…

favorite thing is seeing top 500 cry they got placed in plat. EXPOSED BOOSTED!


Since moving to a 2-month schedule, the seasons now start on the first of the month typically regardless of the day of the week.


Skeleton Staff :joy::joy::joy:

Whelp, have a nice night everyone, I’m going to go get something to eat and play a bit more Overwatch, if any gold players want to play (I’m a plat in gold working my way back up) lemme know. @Terx2

That is absurdly cute.

Kaplan cant be bothered we all know hes out in his fancy dress and red lipstick half way into a bottle of wine at the dub step joint

At least thats how i imagine he spends his weekends


True . . but they’ve been testing this for WEEKS. This is a ridiculous error that should never have happened.

Fair enough, just a perfect storm of timing for things to go so south then with probably the biggest competitive change this game has seen since launch going live.


Role queue beta is up again. Saying it’ll end in a few minutes. But its been like that for the past 5 minutes. :rofl:

I blame my teammates

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I think there’s somewhat two sides to this.

Some good players will quickly climb. But many players are carried at their current SRs, because the reality of the game is the load is not equally shared. And especially with years of meta changes, there’s no guarantee that doing well once guarantees you always will. With role queue especially, having some kind of fresh start isn’t the worst.

It’s just a matter of how they handle it. If you want to reset things a bit, OK, but you need to have the MMR flexibility be much greater to quickly pull high rank players upward. A lot of people are used to blizzard’s standard which is very high degree of certainty in the matchmaker, so it doesn’t like letting you move once it puts you somewhere. If you had both things at once, it would be pretty bad.


Terx2#1856 if you want to add me.

Its the DPS our genji hasn’t gotten a kill within 20 seconds hes throwing

As someone who works in software development and testing, I know bugs exist and this isn’t the end of the world. I also know what QA entails and its value to end-users. Scripts were missed, either in definition or execution. As matchmaking and SR determination both have showstopping impact on code release, this shouldn’t have been missed in code review, internal QA, nor PTR.

Ew. Nightcore. :sweat_smile:

Pretty cool tune tho, might want to search for the original.

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