Director's Take - A continued look at Lifeweaver

Director's Take - A continued look at Lifeweaver

Aaron Keller continues to explore into the development of Lifeweaver and how he grows in the Overwatch 2 metagame

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Thanks for the update.

Looking forward, the next Director’s Take will be on a different subject, something a little more future-facing.


Any chance the OWL replay viewer will return this season?

Could we get FSR 2.1?

Are we ever going to get mouse and keyboard support on console? The game was primarily designed around mouse and keyboard controls. This was clearly illustrated by Lifeweaver’s controller predicament on console. Give console players the option to use KBM please.

What are you doing about the false ban situation that has been widely reported upon? Are these cases being resolved or are they simply swept under the rug unless they happen to be pro players or have a large following on social platforms?

I love the game but I really want to see some kind of response to these issues.


Nice. Glad to know you’re keeping an eye on him. I’m surprised he’s doing high healing in lower ranks and high ranks - always feels like Ana outdoes and invalidates anything he does.



What about Roadhog? Hell, this Lifeweaver is out for like 3 weeks and gets so freaking much attention, any info about Roadhog?

You know, the hero that got killed 3 months ago?


Why is shooting on the right button of the mouse? have to change the settings

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Goes hand in hand with him having the lowest death rate, even though he’s taking an oddly high amount of damage (relative to the other heroes in his role). My guess is that high elo players are positioning more passively so they don’t get domed so easily on him, so he has a really high healing uptime.

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Cleanse on life grip coming im giggling so bad


Season 5 feels really long for a hero who to put it simply is awful. It also ignores that you could buff his Thorn Volley all you want, but using it is still too high risk because swapping back to healing takes too long. That means he either needs Zen levels of damage or he has to play hard healbot and the latter is simply not needed unless the numbers are completely broken.


Honestly, I usually have the highest healing in matches with LW and see this with others too.
This mostly comes from the fact that he is healing 99% of the time, with some damage only for self defense or for the rare moment that healing isn’t needed.
The fact that he burns through his dmg ammo so quickly doesn’t help either, as his reload feel quite lengthy and you are better off swapping back to heals.


Because Moira’s is the same? :thinking:

True. I often don’t even try to do damage with him unless someone is low and right in my face.

Also by design, near as I can tell. Guns automatically reload when they’re not in use, so you dump your thorns and then swap back to healing while the interminable reload is going on in the background.

Interesting choice to deliberately take advantage of what’s normally a niche application for only a few heroes (notably Torb, Mercy, and (formerly) Bastion).

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With all this talk about hero reworks since the start of OW2 it gives me hope you’ll try sym support again :pray:


But yeah, I do agree with the article, that there hasn’t really been a situation where I thought. “Oh, let me quickly swap to LW for this situation!”
Like, he can be a good pick with the right comp at the start of a match, but to swap to him from another hero? Probably not.
You swap to Zen for more dmg.
You swap to Ana for problematic tanks.
You swap to Mercy for dmg boost and survivability against certain characters.
You swap to Lucio to help break through chokes.
You swap to Moira for surviveability.
You swap to Bap for high dmg + heals.
You swap to Kiriko for cleanse and a great ult.
But LW? You swap to him for… platform? Probably not. Either you are already on him from the beginning or you don’t play him.

Though not sure what could be changed to help with this.
As more heroes come out, I think this “issue” will just increase.


I think it’s partially tree. I can get 1k+ on one tree, and it charges fast. Already lifeweaver has my second highest healing done in one match record (after moira)… idk it just adds up fast.


So in summary, Weaver is healing a lot and not dying much. But no one is using his utility abilities much, which are supposed to be the highlight of his kit. There’s no credible reason to pick him over another support right now.

Maybe playtest a character a bit more before releasing them in the wild. Suspect a lot of these issues could have been caught and addressed before release with more varied playtesting.


And yet Baptiste isn’t

Huh, did Blizzard finally learn how to post a thread without accidentally posting two of the exact same thread?

Baptiste’s alt-fire is healing???

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