Director’s Take – Reflecting on the future of Overwatch 2

Sorry but can’t take the Titan comparison seriously. Overwatch was an already developed/released, and live service continuously in development game (WON A BIG AWARD FOR THIS TOO).

It was decided to just pause it and dump resources into some pipedream PvE…
Now that PvE will never materialise, both the PvE crowd and the CORE GAME PvP crowd are realizing how much they’ve basically been scammed of time and money.

Sorry for blunt


When they don’t, you’ll say “Oh, who cares if they didn’t deliver on the biggest content drop ever! Its not like we’re here for content, we’re here for PVP”!


I want to believe you guys, Overwatch is one of my favorite games and I honestly wish it the best, but it’s hard to have faith after this. You can’t just leave a game to die for years on false promises and only come out with some character adjustments, a few maps and Push. Prove to me and the community that Overwatch really deserves that 2, please.


My question would be:
Why hold back the news about the cancellation for month?

The article doesn’t really answer that question and even seems to contradict a bit with what was said in the interview on GameSpot.


1061 words of absolutely nothing. Once again, nothing of what the community want to know: no metion of what they’re going to do with talents and all the work they’ve done for more than 3 years, no mention of if we could see the talents in a PvP game mode, or a PvE game mode in the long future, no mention of what is the reason to have a 2 in the name now, no mention of how you STOPPED A GOTY and put a 2 in its name to develop something for more than 3 years that no longer exists, no mention of the REAL reason of why it was cancelled… (stop saying “without resources”, you are Blizzard, of course you have them). It’s impossible to believe that you “realized you couldn’t do it” after more than 3 years (probably much more, more than 4 years, cause what was shown at BlizzCon 2019 was being developed from some time ago) and, at least, what you have already done, release it. I prefer to have 5 talents per hero for the Story Missions in season 6, with new talents releasing each season, than absolutely NOTHING. More of the same. More of nothing. I don’t believe a single word about the future. There’s no reason to trust. Ridiculous.


I read “we don’t realy care to kill another of our franchise”.


Technically, they have been working on this for almost 6 years. What was shown at Blizzcon 2019 had to be developped earlier obviously. So 6 years for almost nothing and 6 years to realize you can’t do it. They’re game industry professionals, so I heard.


So, long story short, you guys tried to do a thing, thing was hard, you couldn’t do thing, you announced it anyway, started sweating because you made a really bad call, knew you couldn’t do thing and then scrapped thing, and go on about how that’s really hard for you, with a bunch of filler about how you started out as an MMO team, even though that was like 7 years ago.


What should be hard for you is consistently letting people down while trying to adapt to an industry that you could instead forge new paths in, even if using old ideologies.

I get it, it probably wasn’t all because of your team, AK. But Blizzard is an industry Titan. You could be setting new standards, instead you’re being smothered by conforming to a system that doesn’t suit you at all.


So much scrapped and promised only for this to not come true. You truly FAILED the fanbase with this. It may sound overdramatic but you all really did and it is sad. Really can’t see what you have all in store even compare to the promise of the original scope of the PvE.


That moment when you realize the MMO could have been infinitely cooler… and then you realize that it would have been by the same team who would have dropped the bag the exact same way lol


I love how they are diverting the whole context by stating that canceling PVE is not true, while everything mentioned about PVE WAS canceled. This team is utter mudbutt , they don’t deserve our support:


All they have to do is go back on their word. I promise, the risky dedication to PvE is the only thing that’s going to save your game from a slow death now. They really can just go, “Oops! We understand, and are changing our minds moving forward.” Even if it’s another year’s wait, it’ll be a much prettier future for the game than what we have now.


In this case, I had trouble pivoting away from a vision that just wasn’t working. And for that I would like to apologize to our players and to our team. I’m sorry.

Why does this feel gross to me? It feels like I’m not smart enough to understand how this is manipulative.


And that is an opinion to which I’m entitled, an opinion I seriously doubt you’ll lose any sleep over this evening lol so no worries bruh

dude, they modified the ui and added a shop, removed a useless tank from the team composition and made the match maker finally make you feel like you belong in randomness, they also balanced some heroes for you to start playing mostly snipers. Why is people never satisfied


Honestly, pretty empty.
You don’t explain why having made the decision to cut hero missions you waited over a year to admit it.

I can understand development is messy, things need to be pared back or cut entirely, but you make no effort to explain why you waited so long to say you felt you had to cut back and axe that aspect.

You just talk about roots being in a failed MMO, a long known trivia fact, the team having a crawl, walk, run mindset but OW1 hit the ground running before stalling out to focus on PvE, and how sorry you are that you had to axe that division with no effort put to explaining why you couldn’t say it was being axed over a year ago befor OW2 had even launched and the expectations of “This is what we waited for years for” being cemented.

This doesn’t at all improve my view on this fiasco or restore any faith since it just skirts around the issue. If anything it makes me more certain there’s even more you’re obfuscating or lying about because you can’t be honest and direct in a whole update aimed at bringing us to reason on this matter.


If this article doesn’t make you quit, then you are the right hand of the grand wizard of this cult and the koolaid completely replaced out your blood in your body.


Actually I laughed a bit when I read that he “had to put the community first”.


If the Microsoft Acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still going through, I hope to see some better management be put in place by people who actually know how to build trust with a community. Overwatch has been a storm of bad promises, last minute changes, and pressure from activision ruining ideas.

I no longer have trust in Activision Blizzard, they’ve ruined every chance they had for anyone to trust them. Those defending this choice have a malformed brain.